Virtual Learning Concept and Benefits

Virtual learning deals with many scopes that include online courses and environment. It is the system that increased the usage of computer or internet. This experience usually enhanced the learning process, both inside and outside of the educational organization. The details typically take place in an online setting. Teachers also carry out their duties through an online system. Normally learners and teachers both are physically separated in terms of time and place or both. Online schooling in Dubai is getting fame day by day.

Virtual learning can be defined as:

“Distance learning directly using electronic learning contents intended for self-paced (asynchronous) or else online teaching session and tutoring (synchronous).”

Related terms of virtual learning

Virtual learning has many similar forms and words that might look the same but have different aspects. Some of the associated names are listed here:


Process of learning activities usually taking place entirely or partly through online setting. Electronic media can perform them without the usage of internet.

Web-based learning

Web browser helps the learner to carry out their process and activities.

Online learning

The online learning process related to mobile devices and electronic computer. It includes the use of the internet, but the web browser usage is optional. Online learning can be completed offline through the installation of apps on your devices.

Distance learning:

Distance learning does not occur on the internet-based, but the participants are separated physically. It provides the instructions to a person in a different place and in a different time. With the help of digital technologies, distance learning usually concerned with online learning. Virtual classrooms bring the learner and teacher in a traditional form of education to perform their task.

Blended learning

Blended learning is a combination of a traditional and virtual form of education. The learning activities are digitalized and easily accessible online, which can be managed by the learner regarding time, tempo, place and learning method.

Benefits and features of virtual learning

Easy and quick access to an unlimited range of educational contents and services, such as topics and teachers, are offered all over the world. Homeschooling in Dubai wasn’t as accessible in the past as it is today. There are a good number of these schools available today who are offering this facility in a quite successful way. Few benefits of online learning is listed as follows.

#1. Online learning accommodates everyone’s requirements

The online learning method brought a lot of evolutions, which is appropriate for all. These changes allow a person to learn as per the way which best suits his/her requirements, defining how to share, discuss, consume and access. Office goers and house-wives can also get an education at their apt time, comfort, availability and mostly at weekends or dusks.

#2. Lectures can take unlimited times

You can get the content related to the course at number of times through online education. At the time of preparing exams, addresses required at the time of the revision, which can be easily accessed by online learners. In traditional type of learning, if you do not take the lectures, you have to prepare it on your own. In virtual learning, wherever you are, you can get to the conference.

#3. Offers access to latest lecture

The significant advantage of online education is that you are in harmonization with modern students, which helps you to get every new update related to contents whenever you want.

#4. Hasty delivery of lessons

As compared to the traditional classroom method, online learning is an advanced method to deliver the lecture. It reduces the time to learn upto 60%.

There are a few reasons by which time is  reduced through online learning:

  • Lecture starts sooner and also pack up in a single session. It wraps up the programs within a few weeks and days.
  • A learner can also follow up their routine instead of the speed of the whole group.
  • You can learn at your ease place because students do not require travelling to the coaching centre.
  • Students can choose their subjects of interest and areas by skipping that portion which they do not want to learn.

#5. Scalability

E-learning helps in creating new training, concepts and ideas. It is a fast mode of learning with concern to formal education and entertainment.

#6. Uniformity

E-learner allows tutors to get a high level of analysis of the lesson. It guarantees that all the learners get the same kind of training.

#7. Save money

Online schooling is cost-effective because this happens very quickly and easily at your place without expending money for traveling to any institute. It can also save money for external learning materials.

Virtual learning combines all the form and terms discussed above. Online settings help the teachers to perform their tasks with a more significant number of students on a daily basis. Virtual learning makes the learning process more effective and more comfortable by bringing new pedagogical technology.

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