Web Design Tips to Achieve Success In 2017

The year 2017 is shaping up to be a year for changes in web design trends for start-ups as well as for renowned brands. Having a business but not an effective website is simply losing your potential leads and decreasing your conversion rate. A website is not merely an online presence, but it also used to get different marketing strategies to help your business grow. A poor website is much worse than not having a website because it makes your business look bad.

With emerging challenges in the digital world, there is much more for a website designer to stay up to date with latest web design tips to go along with the technological advancements and get ingrained to the great online user experiences.

Think how difficult it is to consider purchasing a product if you cannot trace it online. So, in today’s growing world, every single business or even a small store need to have an online presence. It is not just about having a website, most importantly is to have a good website. Here are few Web Design tips that most of the web designers follow when designing websites.

1- Minimalism

A minimal design removes visual clutter and helps users to get things done more efficiently. It has also been noticed that websites which are simple and have friendly interface experience a less bound rate and a greater retention. Trending with minimalism, you will notice minimal and stark website this year.

2- Responsiveness To The Peak:

Although the responsive website design has been around for a few years, what we predict to see this year is an even bigger uptake in the number of brands, both big and small even start-ups having responsive-based sites.

3- Use of GIFs and Animations:

Along with the animations used in a site, the trend is towards the use of GIF in web design. The web designers face no hurdle in getting the GIF designed with the use of design tools like Photoshop, Giphy or record.it. It depends upon the nature of the product or service you offered but recommended not to use them in excess.

4- Use of Fewer Stock Photos:

There has been a decline in the stock photos on websites in 2017. The web designers are using limited photos that relate to the business and do not clutter the site with excess stock images.

5- Typography:

Typography has always been an essential part of designing the web, and it affects the overall results of a site. This year 2017, you will be noticing big typefaces on web pages that make the content more visible, readable and prominent. The web designers are boldly using different typefaces and also work with contrasts such serif typefaces with the no-serif ones.

6- Long-Scrolling Websites:

With the growing trend of social media channels, people are more addicted to scroll pages and see fresh content. The same trend is followed by web pages, and web designers are putting in long pages with fresh content that keep that visitor connected in scrolling the content up and down.

7- Creating An Interactive Interface:

With the use of GIFs, long scrolling, and fresh content, the web designers are going to have interactive interfaces for their users this year.

8- Unique Layouts:

Many websites follow the same old and tired old templates. Increasingly in 2017; the websites have got richer backgrounds, patterns, and complexity. The grid pattern is moved on the parallax principle and often arranged chaotically.

In an End

It is quite common among designers to believe that following the trends is a crucial part of their design work. Being continuously up-to-date is seen as mandatory for which many designers evaluate the work of others through a prism of trends and implement it on their own work. Your ultimate goal is to get a good ranking in the search engine result pages and a higher conversion rate. Explore well and do well!

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza is a blogger and web entrepreneur. He loves to write on Tech and Business related stuff.


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