What Does it Feel When You Vape

Vaping is the latest technology in town. In case you haven’t heard about it, vaping involves the inhaling and exhaling of vapour from an electronic cigarette. Forget the traditional puffin of cigarettes; vaping does not involve any burning or smelly smoke.

Many smokers are slowly turning from smoking to vaping. All you need to do is to purchase an e-cigarette, some e-juice, and you are good to go. The e-cigar lasts for long and only requires the replacement of its coil. So, what does it feel to vape? Many people have wondered how on earth this works. The media has compared it to smoking, but the difference is very clear.

How it Works

Vaping requires one to have a vape and some e-juice. The e-juice is put into the vape, and it is switched on. The soil soaks up the juice and turns it into vapour. The vaper inhales the vapour, holds it inside the mouth and directs it to the lungs and then exhales the excess cloud. Vaping is very different from smoking. Paper is less likely to suffer from cancer and is also less likely to die than a smoker. Vaping is considered safer and less harmful than smoking. The technology does not affect the ‘high’ feeling achieved from smoking.

High Self-Esteem

Most smokers suffer from a low self-esteem due to the horrible smell that emanates from a smoker’s body and clothing. These people tend to feel isolated and ashamed especially when associating with nonsmokers. When you vape, no burned smoke comes out.

This means that the awful smell that comes with smoking will be a thing of the past when you vape. Your clothes will smell normal without the smell of tobacco covering them. Your apartment will also be rid of the tobacco smell. This does not mean you will stop enjoying the taste of tobacco; the vaping companies have developed a tobacco e-juice to help you transit from smoking to vaping.

Your social life will increase, and for once in your life, your cologne will stand out without competing with the smell of tobacco. You will feel confident, and your esteem will shoot up.


Vaping, unlike smoking, can be done anywhere without rubbing people the wrong way. With the different fruit flavours, people will only smell the fruitiness coming from your vape. You do not need to go to the garden to have the smoke.

With vaping, you can smoke inside your apartment and leave it smelling great. You will find people vaping comfortably in clubs because the cloud produced by the vape does not smell as awful as tobacco. You can vape at the comfort of your sofa as you catch your favourite program without worrying about burning it. You also do not require an ash tray to pour out excess ash.

Same Old Feeling

If you are worried about not feeling as satisfied as smoking, worry no more because vaping gives you the exact relaxed or high feeling that comes with smoking. The beauty of vaping is that it is 95% safer than smoking. With a vape, you can be able to control your nicotine intake. If you need more, then you vape more and vice versa.

The nicotine level in e-juices is indicated to give you an idea of how much you are about to take. If you are a chain-smoker, all you need to do is a high dose of nicotine. The feeling experienced when vaping is not different from smoking, and that is why people say that the two methods are similar.

Many vapers have reported that they feel more comfortable around people while vaping than smoking. The taste is also different in vaping from smoking. People have termed the taste is thick and clean. However, some newbie vapers have also said that they choked after inhaling too much vapour. The techniques are different, but the results are similar except the smell.

Many people have ditched smoking completely for vaping. Experts have recommended this technology as a step to quitting smoking. The beauty of it is that one can change the flavours and tastes as often as possible. It is as simple as changing the e-juice to the flavour of your choice.



Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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