What is Geofencing and How It Can Help Parents Keep Children Safe

For any parent, it is important to keep their children safe especially when they are outside. With the help of the latest technology, you can not only track the movement of the children but you can keep an eye on the intruders entering in their personal space while walking or while in school. It sounds a little bit like science fiction but the technology does exist and it is known as Geofencing.

With the help of Global Positioning System or GPS along with Radio Frequency Identification or RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. you can create a virtual fence around the children. It is still not something that you will hear about on a daily basis as it is the fairly new system but it is gaining popularity among the parents.

As you must be already aware of, GPS with the help of ground stations, Satellites and receivers can pinpoint someone’s or some place’s exact coordinates on Earth. It is mainly used in virtual maps. We use GPS in vehicles, smartphones and other devices which roaming from one location to another as it helps in navigation.

The Geofencing is expanding this technology and can create virtual geographic boundaries around the person who is holding the device. With specific software accessing the location information via GPS and RFID, you can fence in or create a virtual boundary at the place. This virtual fence is visible only to the person with the device. With the help of software like Kidgy’s Geofencing, the geofence operator will get an alert as soon as someone or something comes in or goes out of the virtual fence. It will alert about people, animals or even objects that carry a monitoring device. You can download Kidgy geofencing from this link https://kidgy.com/geofencing


When it comes to kids they are faster learners about the technology and it is important to stay ahead of them. In this article, we will discuss creating a virtual perimeter for the kids so that you, as a parent a boundary around your kids can help you in keeping them safe.

The safe zones

You can set up safe zones like home and school. The tracking can be done with the help of mobile phones, tablets or laptops. You will be able to track the movement of your children. An alarm will inform you when the child leaves the school and will inform you again as the child enters another safe zone i.e. home. While you are at work or even at home, you can keep an eye on the child’s movement and see if he or she tries to sneak out without your information.

No-safe zones alerts

There are some locations around the safe zones which you do not want your children to go to. There are some locations which are more famous for drug abuse and anti-social elements which can corrupt your child’s brain. Such dangerous friendships can create long-term problems for your kids. If you suspect that your child is going to such locations without your knowledge, you can set up a geofence in a way that whenever the child goes to a place near such locations you get an alert. It is just like the air control getting information about a plane entering the no-fly zone.

Tracking pets

In most of the houses with kids, pets are also a part of the family. Losing the pet can create havoc in the house and the kid can run around leaving the safe zone in search of the pet. In case you have geofence in place, you can keep a track of the movement of the pet and in case it tries to leave the safe-zone you can retrieve it saving your kid from an unwanted heartbreak.

Keeping track of the teenagers with a driving license

As soon as your child gets his or her driving license, you will notice a lot of change in their personality. You can set up geofencing for your car which can help in tracking the movement of the vehicle in case it goes out of the permissible area of driving. The alert system will get triggered as you as the car leaves the authorized zone or enters the authorized zone.

Geofencing is a godsend technology for the parents and the best part is that the technology is fairly cheap. With simple software like Kidgy’s Geofencing, you can track the movement of your kids and get alerts when they leave the safe-zone. This technology can save the lives of the kids with health issues like autism etc. as well.

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