What is Halloween and how to celebrate it

Halloween can be considered as an annual holiday, which is being celebrated on the 31st of October every year. The holiday was originated based upon an ancient Celtic festival celebrated by the Samhain people. On this day, people tend to wear different costumes and light bonfires. Back in 8th Century, Pope Gregory III assigned the first of November as the day to honor all saints. Along with time, that day was linked with the Samhain traditions. Due to this reason, the evening before the first of November is being called as the All Hallows Evening.

Several methods are available for the people to celebrate Halloween. In fact, almost all the people who celebrate this day tend to wear costumes, which make them look like ghosts. In fact, they go ahead and let all known people to wear different costumes and enjoy the eve along with them.

After wearing the Halloween costumes, you will be able to throw a party and celebrate the day. You can be the host of the party. Then you can invite all people you know to come and join the party, wearing the best Halloween costumes. This would be a fun-filled party and you will love every bit of it. To make the evening more entertaining, you will be able to go ahead and organize some Halloween themed fun events. For example, you can have a fun event to figure out who is wearing the scariest Halloween costume. Or else, you can ask all the guests to wear their costumes according to a specific theme.

Watching scary movies can be considered as another great method available for you to enjoy the Halloween eve. It is better to have the movie screening at the Halloween party. Then you will be able to enjoy it along with all the guests, while wearing the Halloween costumes. In case if you are serving alcohol to the guests, you can organize a fun contest, where you can ask everyone to drink after they hear someone screaming.

Halloween evening is linked with spooky decorations as well. The carve pumpkins hold a prominent place out of the decorations. It is possible for you to purchase the pumpkins needed from a local supermarket. Then you can cut and remove the top part of the pumpkin. Then you can remove the pulp and seeds from inside and cut it as it looks like a face. Then you can place a candle on the bottom of the pumpkin and light it up.

A large number of events are also being organized on Halloween. You can think about taking part in these events along with your loved ones. When you are attending the events, you shouldn’t forget to wear your Halloween costumes. You will love every single moment that you spend in these events along with the loved ones. Therefore, you can go ahead and take part in them without keeping any doubts in mind.

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Asheer Raza
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