What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams, released in early March 2017 is a chat-based collaboration tool that is a part of the Office 365 suite. It allows remote and local co-workers to collaborate in real-time by providing customisable workspaces and facilitates business-to-business project management.

You’ll most likely use a current program that does a few of these jobs, but Microsoft Teams provides everything you’d ever need to collaborate, all in one spot syncing with your current systems in Office 365. As a large majority of offices use Microsoft Windows and Office software, it becomes much easier to transfer work across.

Viju bring you an insight into Microsoft Teams, why it was created and how you can utilize it.

The Need to Collaborate

With the need to collaborate increasing every month across all industries and sectors, Microsoft built Microsoft Teams for today’s diverse workforce. Where you need a single go-to application that your entire business can utilize, and their needs are looked at. Whether it be an application that allows team collaboration while facilitating project management or hosting video conferencing calls across the globe.

Enhancing teamwork exponentially, Microsoft’s answer to applications like Slack, Teams gives you a step above what the competition can offer as it works along existing Microsoft products to provide you with a superior service. On top of this, this comes at no extra cost to existing Office 365 users, which a lot of businesses currently use.

The Ins and Out

All within a single window, Microsoft Teams allows the combination of existing applications such as calendars and meetings, allowing you to share and set dates between users in individual channels or invite specific users. Create, share and edit content through OneNote and OneDrive, giving your team collaboration and project management to a new level, allowing your team to stay in constant communication at all times. Call and host team members through Skype, allowing you to conduct video conferencing calls with very little setup or preparation. Finally, chat and instant message through Skype, giving you a platform to unify your communication, eliminating cross-department confusion.

With any new application a business must worry about how their workforce will adapt to introducing a new system into play, especially during important projects that can’t afford any drop-in productivity while the team learns the new collaboration system. It’ll take some time to adapt to it, but Microsoft Teams is designed so that new users can just click in and easily adapt and access what they need with little fuss.

If you’re looking for a team collaboration application then take a look at Microsoft Teams today, especially if you and your team are already familiar with Office 365 as you’ll get the most out of what it has to offer. Soon you’ll see the huge benefits of unifying your communications into one simple and easy to use the app like Microsoft Teams.

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