What Is the Benefit of Attending University?

As many students sit or have finished their exams, university and college attendance is on their back of their minds. Many are wondering if it is worth seeking higher education, some individuals may choose instead to enter the workforce.

But what are the benefits for those attending university? Is it just to get a degree or is there a further benefit to it? There’s the obvious answer; that you can qualify for greater skilled work or be considered for jobs higher up the career ladder. However, there are a few hidden benefits that university attendance brings to students that we will explore in more detail;

The Economic Benefits

Highly educated students tend to get higher paid jobs which in turn gives them more “pocket money” to spend on shopping, holidays, transport, etc. and it all goes back into the economy, giving it more strength. Not only that, a graduate is more likely to bring innovation to the area, bringing fresh ideas into existing businesses and bringing new businesses into cities.

Networking Opportunities

School friends may be circumstantial more often than not, but the friends you make at university and college are the ones you choose and will more than likely stay in your memories throughout your life, even if you fall out of touch.

Not only social networking, you’ll likely to interact and communicate with a huge range of individuals and you never know who’s going to work (or found!) future companies. This is a good example of how far being kind can take you – someone you are on good terms within your prestigious university, may remember you better later if you wanted to work for or with them.

Unmissable Experience

University offers a unique experience for students that they aren’t going to experience anywhere else. Joining numerous clubs, getting to stay up late with little to no consequences, sleeping in late and generally enjoying a bit more freedom than high school or a future career will allow. Not to mention you can learn essential life skills to do with taking care of yourself and learning to budget creatively.

Choosing to Learn

Education is important, not only does it create a civilised society but the higher educated often have better opportunities in their career. The average graduate is earning £19,000 to £22,000 once they leave university, which is a noticeable difference between the average uneducated starting wage of £14,000.

Students seeking further education are choosing to learn an area that they have interest in, which isn’t always possible in high school. This encourages motivation in students to learn and achieve good grades.

Good Reason to Travel

While lots of students choose to study in their home countries, attending university allows students to pick up and take off to a country of their choice. American students choosing to study in the UK or Europe and vice versa. This encourages students to adopt a worldly view with a greater respect and understanding of different cultures and life in drastically different countries from their own.

Getting Ahead

When it comes to applying for jobs, your degree will always put you ahead of others with similar experiences but who lack a degree. This can even apply to fields you have lots of experience in, but your degree may not be relevant. A degree shows you can study and achieve independently, which is an advantageous skill to a lot of employers.

Attending university is the easiest way to see personal growth and development, while it’s achievable without a degree, it can be a slow and painful road. By graduating, you are already showing future potential employees what you are capable of and you’ll carry the experiences from university with you for the rest of your life.

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