What Kind of Knife is Used to Cut Meat?

No matter how you cooked in the kitchen, you don’t want to deal any embracing situation in front of your buddies. Whether it’s New Year’s Eve bash or Charismas or Thanksgiving party, after all, it’s unlimited fun we all want.

Literally; when the big roast dish will be on the way to your dinner table, whether you say or not, it’ll represent what you did and how you completed your kitchen job.

One of my mentors used to say

A chef’s knife is like a dance partner

You won’t go very far, you can’t do things without a perfect kitchen blade.

Yes, every sharp edge can chop, but not every sharp edge can chop everything. Definitely, you can’t chop meat with a bread knife. So it’s important to employ a perfect blade for the perfect job.

A good chopping blade will separate your work from an armature. In the next couple of minutes, you’ll learn what kind of sharp blade you should use to cut cooked or uncooked meat.

Know The Types of Knives For Chopping Meat Smoothly:

Whether you are professional or want to impress your buddies with surprise delicious American Lamb leg roasts, you need different types of the blade to chop raw meat.

Moreover, it’ll increase your shelf’s pride and demonstrate your expertise in a particular job. Here are the types of knives you need to be mastered with.

#1. The breaking Knife:

The name says it all. The long curved edge helps to break down a large meat into smaller pieces. The long leverage gives you full grip to get a nice cut no matter how thick the red meat is.

Normally the size is more than 7 inches. But this masterpiece is capable to hunt down small bones and skins. Even I engage my breaking blade in BBQ parties.

Though these are found with designed wooden handle, I personally prefer hard plastic, which gives me comfortable grip.

If you are planning to buy one for next summer camp, consider the semi-round edge or else it’ll fail to deliver your need.

#2. The Perfect Boning Knife:

If you are not a chef, then you must be a mother or wife or a responsible father who must have to prepare dinner to feed your family. Or else you might live separately. No matter whatever your status is, if you love to eat meat or cook meat for you or others, you need a sharp blade to cut meat; an even special knife for cutting meat bones.

Definitely, a kitchen needs many types of cutting tools, but the speciality of this kind has some additional features. This sharp edge can cut raw meat also.

A boning blade designed for deep cutting or precision boning. That’s why I choose blades in 12 to 17 cm in length which is obviously not thick.

As I love poultry and fish, I prefer flexible types. My neighborhood buddy used to stay “One stiffer knife are best, as you can cut beef or pork and even chicken also”.

Few featured benefit of boning knives are:

  • Quick deboning process
  • Less meat wastage while cutting
  • Unique design protects from slippage and injury

Next time when you will chop meat in your kitchen, a good pick can reduce your frustration.

#3. The Skinning Knife:

This blade is another basic but very powerful kitchen gear for your shelf. This unique blade is used to separate skin from meat.

The curved tip let you get smother skinning and it reduces the risk of puncturing. Naturally, the blade is thinner so that it can be blended to get perfect cut.

I prefer built-in a gut hook which let me cut to open the belly. When the belly is opened, I can pull out innards very easily.

This knife is one of the top choices for all animal hunters. Deep in the jungle just after killing the target a skinning knife can help you to process the meat very quickly. Indeed, it’s has become an essential item for a successful camping trip.

#4. Meat Cleaver:

Professional or a regular kitchen guy; all need to have a meat cleaver in their shelf. I called it a brutal tool in my kitchen. From cutting meat through the bones to sinew, it does all harsh cutting tasks. Ugly work is done by ugly tool!

The kits are so dangerous. That’s why don’t try to play with it over any odd. While chopping hard meat, you need to be focused. A slight mistake can cut down your finger forever.

Normally the chopper is 7 to 10 inches long which foster the chopping process of small to large bones.

If you are a meat fan, cook lots of poultry then your cleaver may not take rest in a kitchen drawer. Because it can separate chicken this and chop through carcasses easier than ever. The major benefits are

  • Pre-cook crushes; like crushing garlic
  • Useful in separating ribs
  • Smother the process of cutting vegetable
  • The biggest chain-saw of kitchen

Unfortunately, there is a similar version which is known as Chinese Cleaver. This particular tool is thinner and works best on the soft object. If you have to buy a Chinese cleaver, buy grade near to 1 and it’ll be near to western standard.

#5. The Churrasco Knife:

Last summer at my friend’s house in a get-together party he served the “Brazilian style steakhouses”, one of the Brazilian national foods. The dizzying array of grilled meats was amazing. He used to slice a large chunk of grilled beef from the split with the Churrasco knife.

Since all the meat was slowly cooked and to serve it in the juicy style you need a perfect cutting kit. That’s why a knife which is curved at the top is ideal for the job.

This kind of blade is also known as Churrascaria knife. The design is quite impressive. The bottom is wide and it continues to narrow at the top. This sharp edge is perfect mixtures of slicing and carving blade.

Knowing your job and weapon will reduce your frustration and next time when you will make slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing; you can do it effortlessly, precisely and pleasurable.

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