What Nissan Sentra Fans Love About the 2018 Model

The Nissan Sentra has consistently been one of the most beloved compact cars in the U.S. for over three decades, and running, with reason. A sedan with a larger interior than most competitors offer, it is a great choice for single professionals and families alike. Just slightly different from years before, Nissan Sentra owners are loving the subtle and small changes made to the design, and if you are in the market for a mid-size sedan, you likely will, too.

The 2018 model was built in Mexico and it comes in five different trim levels. The sports version is named Nismo and is for the sports car enthusiast looking for a bit more speed. The Nissan’s four-door body is slightly bigger than the Altima and packs a whole lot.

The new Sentra also has taillights that have a boomerang design, making it a bit sportier looking. The chrome handles and contemporary window accents are all exterior features that give it a wow factor. Consumers also get to pick from eight colors, which gives it more of a custom feel.

The 17-inch, ten-spoke alloy wheels give the 2018 Sentra a sleeker look. The rear spoiler, fog lights, chrome exhaust and LED brake lights all combine to make it a stylish statement when out on the road. For a mid-size sedan, the Sentra packs a whole lot of interest. For those who opt for the SV package, the 16-inch wheels, moonroof and high-end Bose speaker system makes it feel like a luxury automobile without the high price tag.

The interior

Most of the Sentra interiors have cloth seating that is highly durable and comfortable. Consumers who are willing to pay just a bit more for an upgrade to leather will like the luxurious feel. All of the trim packages, with the exception of the base S, come with a drive-assist display and  Siri® Eyes Free voice recognition.

Roomier than other competitors’ models and than last year’s Nissan model, the Sentra comes with five seats and 95.9 cubic feet of passenger space. To make it more sporty and to take passengers along for the ride, the rear seats have ample room for seating or can be folded down to haul things in the back.

Fully adjustable, there are six different ways you can make the driver’s seat more comfortable, and the passengers have four. There is also a padded front console and cupholders to organize everything when you are behind the wheel.

Additional features

For the consumer who is looking for something truly outstanding, the Midnight Edition “blackout” package is available at the SR package level. It comes with a rear spoiler, side mirrors, V-Motion grill, license plate holder and fog lamps that all are as black as night.

For the 2018, the SL trim now can be upgraded to the Premium Tech package, which includes a moonroof, NissanConnext services and Bose speakers and sound system.

Under the hood

There are two different engines offered for the 2018 Nissan Sentra. With the S, SV, SR and SL, you have the standard, 1.8-liter, 124 horsepower, four-cylinder engine with continuously variable transmission. With the SR Turbo and the Nismo, there is a 1.6-liter, 188 horsepower, four-cylinder engine.

On top of that, the 2018 Nissan Sentra is one of the best fuel economy cars that you can purchase. It gets an average of 27 miles per gallon (MPG) when driving in the city and 35 MPG when you hit the highway. If you choose the powertrain that includes the continuous variable transmission, then the average MGP is about 32, combined.

If you are already a Nissan Sentra fan, then 2018 doesn’t disappoint. If you haven’t yet bought a Nissan Sentra, then it is definitely something you should give a try. One of the best mid-size sedans in the market, it delivers superior everything.

Choose from five different trim levels all coming at an excellent and affordable price. If you want to get super sporty, the Nismo might be your answer. Either way, check out what Nissan has to offer for 2018–you might become one of Nissan’s biggest fans.

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