What Should I Do If Writing Essays Is Not My Cup Of Tea?

Writing is never a smooth process, but some students struggle more than others. Different people find writing a challenge for various reasons. Some struggle because they find it hard to get started. Other students simply struggle with their insecurities about their writing abilities. Many students begin to suffer just with a mere thought of having to write an essay. They may have had bad experiences in the past, or they could just be self-conscious about expressing themselves. For many students who can’t write their essay on their own, the only option is to get essay for money. However, you should not give up just yet. Whatever the reason for your struggle, help is at hand.

Start With An Outline

An outline is the skeleton of your essay. The framework helps you to plan your essay before you start writing it. An outline also helps you to envision your essay as a whole before you put it on paper. This way, all the bits fit together, and you will not have a problem with the progression of ideas or the coherence of the essay. Your thoughts will flow smoothly, and you will write effortlessly.

Write The Body First, The Introduction And Then The Conclusion

Introductions and conclusions are the hardest to write and they consume the most time. The introduction is difficult to write because you are trying to summarize your essay well before you have written it and the conclusion because you have already said everything there is to say.

Starting with the introduction can bog you down and make you feel stuck. To make it easier on your part, write the body of your essay first and then you can write the introduction. You will find that the introduction will come effortlessly since you have already fully formed your thoughts, so it is easy to integrate them at the beginning of the essay.

Read Widely

To be a good writer, you require being an avid reader. Reading books unconsciously helps to mold your style of writing and reading essays will help you to grow your own distinctive essay writing style. Therefore, read widely. Read essays on different subjects to enrich your writing technique. For many students reading is not something they like but a lot of depends on the choice of a book. Be sure to pick something cool, interesting and something that will make you read to the end.

As you read essays, do not read for reading sake. Do a bit of analysis. What stands out about the essay? What do you like most about it? Does the writer employ a new technique that you are not familiar with? Pay attention to all the small details that make the essays unique, and you will be writing your own fascinating essays within no time. Remember it is not easy but you can do it. The most important thing is not to give up and keep pursuing your goal of writing good essays. You don’t have to be new Shakespeare, writing essays is not an unbearable and impossible skill.

Ultimately, remember that writing is a skill and all skills can be learned. I will go one further and remind you that all skills are perfected through practice. So, write, and write some more and you will soon be writing the essay of your dreams. You can’t become genius in one day. Remember how long it took you to learn how to swim or how to ride a bike, or how to skateboard, for example. Essay writing is no different. But in this case, you will have to train your mind, not your body.

Essay Writing Is Easier Than You Think

We hope the information above will help you master your essay writing skills. It will take a lot of practice but don’t forget that if you want to achieve something – you can do it. And there is always hope, even if you can’t write perfect essays, you can always get professional writing help and leave all your troubles behind. Be persistent and remember that essay writing should not be feared – you can do it. It might (and it will) take some time but never give up and continue mastering your writing skills.

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