What Tech Entrepreneurs Are Saying About the Future of Work?

So much has changed since your first job. From virtual reality to automation, here’s what top tech entrepreneurs are predicting about the future of work.

Nobody can know the future of work.

What kind of jobs are we going to do? Which technologies are going to transform our working lives?

We can only guess some of the answers to such questions.

Tech entrepreneurs have a front-row seat to the changes which are going to determine the future of work. Read below to check out what they predict about the future of work. Let’s go!

#1. Automation to Change the Workplace

Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) are going to transform the workplace. We cannot know exactly how many jobs are going to be replaced by technologies and machines. But we can take a stab at it.

Researchers think that 47 percent of jobs in the U.S. are going to be replaced by automation. As the tech entrepreneur Elon Musk puts it, the future of work is no work.

That’s why it’s important that workers keep up with the changes in technology. If people fall behind, it’s going to be impossible to catch up due to the speed of developments.

#2. The Paperless Workplace

We normally think that we’re already in a paperless society. However, paper remains an important part of our working lives.

The average office in the U.S. consumes around 10,000 sheets of paper per year. This is inevitably going to change as we increasingly move over to digital systems.

Therefore, our dependence on paper will be a thing of the past in the future of work.

#3. The Millennial Dominance

Demographic changes mean that there is going to be a millennial dominance of the workplace.

By 2020, millennials are going to comprise around half of the workplace. This is set to rise to 75 percent by the year 2025.

The dominance of the workplace by digital natives and optimistic youths is going to bring new approaches and ideas to the working world.

#4. The Gig Economy

We’re already well and truly in the era of the gig economy.

People want a work-life balance, as people are increasingly going to be encouraged to work from home. People want to work hours on their own terms. Therefore, this means flexible hours and the end of the 9 to 5.

People want a working environment which is more similar to home, with the technologies and tools which make life easier.

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#5. The Business with Purpose

The future of work is going to be dominated by businesses with a “reason for being,” according to the business leader Tim Brown.

If you want to thrive as a business, you’re going to need to have a moral purpose to what you do. People want to work for a company which they believe is doing good.

The Future of Work

Nobody can know for certain what the future of work holds for us.

However, the above predictions from tech entrepreneurs offer us an insight from the people who know best.

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