What To Visit In The Vicinity Of Palermo By A Car

This is one of the most popular city to visit in the whole of Italy. Located in Italian island Sicily, Palermo and ambience around the city promise a quality spent time with a great heritage.

The first impressions you will remember are the rich history of attractions and tradition spirit packed in lovely Sicilian place. The charming atmosphere will make you bring comfortable shoes to wear during the seesighting because you will want to see everything. The practical thing is to take a rent a car services right upon the landing in Palermo Airport.

Take the car, first!

Just when you get to Sicily, think on how to get a cheap car rental in Palermo airport. It is a right choice since you are landed in the area full of wonderful and interesting things to visit on the whole island. The recommendation would be to be both practical and smart! That is why you should try to take car rental of carngo.com at the airport. By the way, you will solve the question of how to get a transport to the hotel. On carngo.com they have a wide spectrum of different car types. Depends on what you want to drive, smaller or bigger car, Carngo offers a very quick procedure of the rental and the great deals so you will save your money and time looking for the right car. You will find the perfect one here. No matter if you are a lover of European brands and model like Citroen, Peugeot or Renault or others you will have your favourite one guaranteed.

Let’s go to research Palermo!

Now, when you have the car, take all your luggage at Hotel and start your adventure through this wonderful town. So much you can do these days! The Cathedral of Palermo is beautiful church located in the western part of the city. With its interesting history since the 12th Century, Cathedral is a witness of a history of a town, as well. One more beautiful Cathedral is on 7 miles away from Palermo. It’s a beautiful Monreale Cathedral famous by magnificent golden mosaics made inside of wonderful interior of the cathedral.

The second day you can spend in the downtown visiting interesting places or museums. One of the most interesting is The Museum of Marionettes, in which more than 2000 marionettes is exposed. The ride through the streets of Palermo you will be clear with how people easily falling in love with this town. Go to the main square of the Old Palermo, Piazza Marina. In this area, you can visit palace Palazzo Abatellis, who was built in 1490. And it is now home of Regional Gallery of Sicilia.

After feeding your soul with wealthy cultural heritage and art, let’s go to the beach! Isola Della Feme is the place located around 12 miles from the town of Palermo. It has the beautiful beach and the crystal water, ideally for fun summer days. Plenty of beach bars and restaurants in this place will make you try famous Italian espresso or something local and tasty to eat, like Canolli.

Cefalu is the place located 50 miles from Palermo on the Tiren see offers you bigger beach, and many more places to take rest after the long drive.

Beautiful Palermo region is the perfect first start to take places in the hedonist lifestyle of Sicily. Visit this wonderful area and enjoy the warmth of the Sicilian sun.

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