What Your Health and Beauty Ecommerce Business Needs

The health and beauty industry generated more than 4.8 billion US dollars in 2017. This industry, which includes fragrances, makeup, hair care products, toothpaste, sunscreen, soap, and nail products. It overlaps with other industries and markets, like chemicals and petroleum, which supply the raw materials for production, as well as the healthcare industry. This is significant news for ecommerce businesses looking to capitalize on the ever-increasing growth of products such as anti-aging creams, weight loss products, and even weight training services or wellness programs. If your business is looking to expand, you may want to consider some of these marketing suggestions that will provide both what your business wants, as well as what it needs, to get in on those sales.

Step up your social media game.

Most ecommerce businesses understand the significant role social media platforms play in getting their brand noticed and generating a loyal following. Facebook generates and sustains consumer communities and provides a forum that allows ecommerce businesses to sell directly to their fans. Facebook also allows you to conduct live feeds and interact directly with your customers. Traditional media networks like Facebook and Twitter can allow your target audience to recognize you and your business name. Instagram tools can help your business stand out from the background of competitors. They also allow you to share pictures, receive product or business reviews, and run contests and incentive programs that will appeal to your repeat customers. But there are other ways to step up your social media game.

YouTube is one currently untapped platform for marketing your business. In fact, less than 10 percent of small businesses utilize YouTube, even though it is the second largest search engine available. Creating a fashion YouTube channel will allow you to reach the average mobile user who spends at least 40 minutes per day watching YouTube videos. How-to tutorials, vlogs, interviews, product reviews, and webinars posted to your personal health and beauty YouTube channel will go a long way to driving potential consumers to your online business.

Illustrate your expertise in your industry.

Your target audience wants to buy from someone who knows as much as they do about your industry. Your product descriptions and the presentation of your goods and service should always be illustrative and creative. Get rid of standard descriptions that sound like they’ve been written for a generic product, and enhance those well-written details with attractive product photographs. Whether you choose to provide your consumers with demonstrations that show the process of using your product or you create a storyboard that digitally illustrates the process with still photos, “before and after” pictures or caricatures have the potential to increase sales.

Social proof is an important part of exemplifying your expertise as well. Allow loyal consumers to submit product reviews, conduct consumer satisfaction surveys, and provide links to relevant content that enhance your credibility in the industry. Curate content from other experts in your field and make sure your consumers know you are interested in their overall health and well-being. Develop a form where users can create wish lists and follow up with individualized emails when the wish list items go on sale. Let your audience know you are listening to their wants and needs and connect with them regularly.

Cross-sell and upsell over time.

No matter what you sell or how effective your marketing plan is, your loyal consumers will be looking to upgrade or explore new products or services. Upselling allows you to sell more expensive items to consumers who are satisfied with both your product and your customer service.  Cross-sales, too, will allow you to sell products or services that go along with the original product you are offering.

Upselling and cross-selling accounts for as much as one-third of Amazon’s total revenue, which should be reason enough to prioritize it, especially since doing so requires very little energy or effort.

Get mobile friendly to expand your reach.

Internet sales have allowed even the smallest businesses to sell their products to consumers around the globe. Moving your business to a larger customer base is a weighty and often difficult decision. It may mean modifying some of your procedures and processes or even upgrading your sites. One way to test the market for your product is to use sites like Amazon and eBay to post items that you want people who are shopping in other parts of the world to view. You can also ensure that your site is mobile friendly by conducting a test to ensure that the critical aspects of your business site are viewable online in other countries.

Do you have examples of some ecommerce sites that are particularly well-designed for expanding health and beauty e-businesses? Feel free to share here.

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