WhatsApp on Windows/Mac using Browser and Application

Can anyone use WhatsApp on Windows/Mac?? Initially, WhatsApp was launched for the texting purpose for iPhone users. Later on, android users were granted the opportunity to get benefits from the WhatsApp. Since the Facebook has taken over the WhatsApp, we are witnessing many new features including video calling and now the new auto vanishing stories in status. There are so many hidden features of WhatsApp, which are not revealed to everyone.

WhatsApp on Windows/Mac

Moving ahead, now WhatsApp users can use the WhatsApp on their Windows/Mac systems either on the browsers or as simple as any application, but a valid internet connection is required. It has all the features including sending images, a video file from the local PC, audio files, documents and even voice messages. But so far, in the Windows/Mac version WhatsApp has not included the voice or video call feature. Users have to wait for that feature to be indulged into WhatsApp on Windows/Mac.

How to use WhatsApp on Windows/Mac

To use WhatsApp on Windows/Mac there are two requirements.

  1. Smartphone must have the WhatsApp installed on it and connected to the internet using Wifi or Data network.
  2. Laptop/PC with Windows/Mac must have connected to the internet in order to use the WhatsApp on it

Further, we have two more option to uses the WhatsApp on Windows/Mac

  1. Any Browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc)
  2. WhatsApp Windows/Mac Application

How to use WhatsApp on browser

WhatsApp on Windows/Mac


  • Open the WhatsApp on the smartphone and follow the following instruction:
  • Android: Open WhatsApp -> Menu -> WhatsApp Web/Desktop
  • iPhone: Open WhatsApp -> Settings -> WhatsApp Web/Desktop
  • Windows Phone:  Open WhatsApp -> Menu -> WhatsApp Web/Desktop

Once the WhatsApp Web option is selected in the smart phone, just scan the QR code from the PC/Laptop screen.

WhatsApp on Windows/Mac
WhatsApp on Windows/Mac – Scan QR code from mobile

Once, the code is scanned, your WhatsApp will be connected in the browser and you will be able to surf it and chat using your keyboard and will be able to share files from your local computer.

How to use WhatsApp on Windows/Mac application

Download the fresh copy of your WhatsApp Windows/Mac application. It may take few minutes depending on the internet downloading speed of your internet connection.

WhatsApp on Windows/Mac


Once the application is downloaded on your local machine, open it to install the application files on your local machine. And that’s it, there will be a shortcut of the WhatsApp application on the desktop of Windows.

WhatsApp on Windows/Mac

Double click to open the WhatsApp application, rest of the steps are same as described above to login in WhatsApp on the browser. Now you can easily send the text messages from your local machine and can share the files with other Whatsapp mobile users.

How to share files

WhatsApp on Windows/Mac

Move cursor to the top right corner of any chat, click on the attachment icon a drop down will appear. Click on any of the desired icons to share images, videos, image using the camera of PC/Laptop, any document file or the contact file. This gives the total freedom to share files from local machine to the mobile users.

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