Where You can Get an Electric Bicycle

An electric bicycle refers to a bicycle that uses the same components and designs like other bicycles, and can also be pedaled like any other regular bike. One of the things that make an electric bicycle different is that it comes with an electric motor, which is powered using a rechargeable battery meaning riders will have an additional boost of power. E-bikes are a fun, healthy, and reliable alternative to vehicles and traditional bicycles.

Unlike some other technology-empowered gadgets, the electric bicycle has an incredibly promising future. For example, a recent research report shows that e-bikes will continue being the greatest selling electric car across the globe, with approximately 35 million unit sales projected for 2016. Moreover, global sales of e-bikes are expected to rise even more in revenue over time.

Where can you buy an electric bicycle?

You can purchase an electric bicycle from various places nowadays. Facebook, Amazon, and eBay are all full of good and also bad bikes. You can select from the many amazing electric bikes online through Amazon: E-bike because it’s more trusted than most online sellers. However, it would be better to visit a local bicycle store that stocks electric bicycles since it’s recommended to try out a bike before you purchase first because an electric bike can be a pretty expensive purchase, so you need to be sure and secondly because it’s crucial to be happy and satisfied with your new bicycle.

Benefits of electric bicycles

Sustained Aerobic Exercise

According to research, exercising can have a significant impact on your capacity to fight off diseases and illnesses. That is especially true with aerobic cardiovascular workouts, because it increases the heart rate, pumping blood throughout the body more efficiently. Riding an e-bike is a fantastic way to enhance your fitness level because it is a workout that boosts your heart rate for a long and sustained period. With that kind of boost to the cardiovascular system, you will avoid stroke and heart disease. The minimal impact on your joints and help from the electric motor ensures that you can get at least two-and-a-half hours of aerobic exercise every week to stay healthy.

A healthier way to commute

While the average travel for most people is nearly 25 minutes, others spend even more time in their vehicles. Sitting for long in traffic is one of the factors contributing to increasingly stagnant lifestyles. However, by commuting on an electric bicycle instead, you will be able to remain active as you cycle your way to and from your working place. Experts recommend at least two-and-a-half hours of moderate exercise every week. Riding your e-bike to work even for three days each week will knock out a huge chunk of your weekly workout goals, if not the entire thing. Additionally, the motor of an eBike will make your ride even faster than a standard bicycle, meaning you won’t add a bunch of time on your commute.

Strengthening Bones, Joints and Muscles

An electric bicycle is pretty heavier than a traditional bike, usually weighing between 40 and 80 pounds, with its mechanisms and motor accounting for the added weight. With this extra weight, an e-bike has an additional benefit of enhancing your strength across your body. From pedaling, balancing and steering, e-bikes provide you with a strengthening workout that helps in promoting healthier and stronger muscles, joints and bones. That helps to avoid bone and joint conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and chronic pain in the lower back.

Seniors and other people with health problems can keep exercising

The low-impact of riding an electric bicycle will not only help avoid new injuries, but it also assists in facilitating exercise without worsening existing injuries. For the seniors looking forward to exercising while working around an arthritis condition or any other sore spots, an e-bike enables them to get most of the health benefits of pedaling without bringing on additional pain. Beyond bone, joint, or muscle issues, this added workout is also pretty helpful for older adults looking to prevent illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

Riding quite often

With minimal impact on the joints, you can walk after a long cycle on an electric bicycle without the soreness and pain you will get when using a standard bike. The support from the bike’s onboard motor will also make it a lot easier than before to go even farther on your bike rides. Taking on some steep inclines with this bike is no longer an activity to dread because you will not have to strain yourself a lot to reach the top. Moreover, because you are in control of the bike when the motor supports you, this will give you the freedom to customize all your riding experiences and improve your fitness even further.

Factors to consider when purchasing an electric bicycle

Quality and comfort of the components are as essential on an electric bicycle as they are on a standard bike. But now, there are some more things you should consider before making a purchase.

The capacity of the battery

Ensure that your battery is from reputable manufacturers. Brand name batteries have longer charge cycles because of stringent testing. A 36-volt battery is good for lighter riders and flat areas, but a 48-volt battery will give you adequate power to assist you in climbing hills and also pushing heavier riders more easily. Moreover, a high capacity battery will offer you more range.

The weight of the user

Electric bicycles are designed in a similar way to the non-electric bikes. As a result, their weight limits are approximately similar as well. Most of the e-bikes can support people weighing 300 lbs. However, check the weight limit before you buy although manufacturers usually post maximum weight limits 50 lbs pretty lower than their absolute maximum to ensure reliability. A heavy rider will wear down the electric bicycle much faster and can damage the spokes you find on the wheels as well.

Your needs

Electric bicycles are usually designed for different purposes and different people. It is up to you to determine what is essential to you, what is not significant, and then talk to your retailer. If hill-climbing is important, then a mid-mounted motor or a hub motor of more than 250 watts is what will work for you. If cycling for long distances is your preference, then a big battery of more than 400-watt-hours is crucial. If comfort is vital, then a step-through frame is paramount. Knowing your personal needs will enable you to focus all your attention towards the right bikes.

The retailer to select

Purchasing an electric bicycle should be more than simply entering a bike shop and buying an item. You should assess your place of purchase or retailer on three points: commitment, vibe, and quality. Knowing that the retailer is committed to the electric bicycle movement means they’ll be willing to help you make the most out of your investment many years down the road. Research on the brand names to make sure that the seller is in the e-bike business for the right reasons and not to merely make quick cash.

You can read the reviews of the brands sold by the retailer online, and testimonials of previous customers to assist you in making an informed decision. If an electric bicycle is from a brand you have never heard of or can’t find information on, it’s probably good to stay clear. To get the best e-bikes on a budget, you can read reviews such as Best Electric Bike Under $1000.


Purchasing an electric bicycle is a huge investment, regardless of the cost. The warranty will enable you to rest assured that the investment you made was worth it. A two-year warranty on motor, battery, and parts is quite reasonable to anticipate from most e-bikes manufacturers with various products selling for more than $2000.


Just like in Asia and Europe, the electric bicycle has started to change the way many Americans commute. Whether it is for commuting a long distance, hauling goods, or just taking a leisurely ride, many people are slowly discovering that the electric bike is the most practical, economical, and fun method to get around. However, deciding on the electric bike to buy is not as easy as cycling up a pretty steep hill on an electric bike. This electric bicycle buying guide has outlined for you the benefits you will enjoy by using an e-bike regularly along with some tips to assist you in making an informed decision and begin riding.

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