Which VPN is the best for USA?

There are so many debates taking place in order to determine what the best VPN for USA is. Recently Netflix declared an open war on all the virtual private networks out there. This made both DNS and VPN services skeptical. Few months later, the most popular services that were offered by Netflix to the American library became unavailable. As a result, the advertisement about these services got vanished from the internet. However, they still had to deal with the international customer base and backdoor access was provided for some of their most prominent DNS and VPN services.

Users fighting back for VPN services

The unavailability of access to VPNs created a tremendous impact on the day to day lives of people. The comments that were posted on online forums such as Subreddit bear testimonials to prove the above-mentioned fact. Through these forums, the users came up with workarounds to the VPN blocking of Netflix. Even though Subreddit has a small subscriber base of less than 3,500, they were able to come up with effective workaround methods to fix the problems. In fact, they found exact answers for the questions that they had in mind. For example, a specific user called sightl3ss came up with his own DNS proxy service that was known as Getflix. He received a lot of positive comments from the community as well. However, such services have not yet been able to completely restore the services that were blocked with Netflix.

Fighting against with the objective of unblocking Netflix is extremely important for most of the VPNs out there. It creates a tremendous impact on their financial success as well. As you already know, almost all the VPN services have taken necessary measures to advertise their privacy and security benefits for the subscribers. A handful amount of VPN users tend to use those services in order to circumvent content blocking. On the other hand, most of the DNS and VPN services promote their ability to bypass the blocks. They have made it a key selling point in order to impress potential customers as well.

All the VPN including topvpnchoice and DNS services out there are not in a position to become a success. In fact, they don’t have the required potential to. However, Subreddit user HeroicTaco once posted a forum post about the functionality issues that can be found in Express VPN, which has become a popular alternative option among people who were affected with Netflix geoblocking. This forum post has received some interesting comments from the other users as well. Some comments highlight a cat and mouse game in between Netflix and other similar service providers. HeroicTaco is not alone in the Subreddit forum. Most of the other users have started finding functionally related issues in the popular VPN services that are available out there. However, those services are still in the process of promoting the pros about their services. In other words, they say that they have the ability to unblock any website on the internet. When it comes to reality, they fail to unblock all the websites because of their functional issues. They are not in a position to offer an effective service as Netflix.

The performance of popular VPNs

Due to the contradictory ideas that pop up on the internet, we decided to take some of the most popular VPN services available out there on the internet and analyze their functionality. We didn’t just test the services. We also took necessary measures to contact the service providers and inquire their ideas about the current policy of Netflix. Most of them have said that they are looking forward to fill the gap created by Netflix through their services. Here is a list of the VPN services that we tested.

  • ExpressVPN – ExpressVPN can be considered as one of the most popular VPN services that can be found on the internet. At the moment, they serve people in more than 87 countries in the world and own more than 1000 servers. Impressively, they have 136 different VPN locations. The servers of ExpressVPN are SSL secured and they use 256-bit encryption. As per our study, we discovered that all the features of ExpressVPN worked just as they have advertised.
  • VIPDNSClub – VIPDNSClub was introduced after Netflix started blocking their VPN services. However, the product is still in its development stage. They have also mentioned that they don’t want to be a big service provider. They just need to provide a professional service to their clients, especially the VIP members. As per our study, we discovered that all their premium features, such as in-house technology to bypass proxy block of Netflix is only available for the VIP users. If you get a VIP account, it will not be a major issue for you.
  • Unotelly – Unotelly has become popular among people who are looking for a workaround solution to the Netflix ban in the United States. Unfortunately, Unotelly has failed to advertise the services that they offer in a creative manner. Recently they started paying more attention towards some of the selected services such as privacy protections, adware blocking, and malware blocking and parental content controls. The variety of services that they offer has made it popular among people and we discovered that all the services work as advertised.
  • TorGuard – TorGuard became extremely popular after the Netflix ban. However, we identified that it is not in a position to bypass the geo-restrictions that have been implemented by Netflix.  What they do is offering dedicated IPs for the people as a workaround solution.

The fight for survival

As you can see, Netflix has taken a hard line for the Virtual Private Networks. The geographical restrictions have caused a tremendous impact on the lives of people and it has tempted them to look for workaround solutions. No other service provider will be able to fill the gap that was left by Netflix. However, Netflix can think of satisfying both their content providers as well as international subscribers through negotiations. This would not compromise the quality of the content that they offer through the service as well.

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