Why Every Nonprofit Should Adapt to Online Fundraising

Our incredibly digitized universe continues to evolve at a fast pace, and at this moment, more than ever, organizations – especially nonprofits – will need to look forward and be ready for a big change in order to remain effective in 2018 and beyond. Although nonprofits still face a slew of problems on their adventures to achieve great missions under low budgetary constraints, the heads of these institutions would be smart to also adapt their processes and strategies to keep up relevantly and effect social change.

From streamlining managing resources and business processes to improving constituent relationships and increasing revenue, checking out transformative technology is the bedrock to efficiently attaining the goals of nonprofits. Also, common development trends that nonprofits should stick to every year with a purpose to remain relevant, such as improving donor relations and improving member and investing in fundraising, there are many emerging tech trends nonprofits should focus on in this screen age:

1. Mobile Fundraising

Online donation is rising rapidly across the world thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). There are nonprofits organization that embraces online fundraising, however targeting mobile users is very important since the majority of internet users uses their mobile devices to surf the web, hence the need to make your website compatible with mobile devices or develop App like

Donorbox. As outlined by a research, 85 percent of North American non-profits accept online donations, whilst 80 percent of nonprofit sites are compatible with mobile phones. Nonprofits that are not able to prioritize mobile technology solutions in the next few years will find it difficult to remain relevant.

2. The art of Storytelling

Volunteers, members, and donors can’t be trained care about an organization’s vision. Where nonprofits sometimes struggle to craft compelling or effective stories, technology seep in to help streamline complex messages into repeatable and shareable articles for easy reading.

3. Digital Marketing Campaigns

As stated by Trackmaven, the number of social media users is predicted to rise to 2.44 billion all over the world. For cause-driven organizations, making use of technology to create brand awareness, increase fundraising, influence social change and measure success is important.

4. Cloud-based Software

As internet users become less involved in conventional advertising, influencer marketing continues to expand and evolve in the philanthropy field to promote advocacy campaigns, social good, and products. Many cloud-based software tools are around to help properly launch, control and track the ROI of influencer advertising campaigns. You can use various donation softwares out there and embed online donation forms to your website.

5. Electronic payment

With a populace largely consist of Millennials, in which 84 percent give to a non-profit, more than a fifth of them have not ever written a check. As a matter of fact, checks account for just 15 percent of all the non-cash payments.

Non-profits must adopt hassle-free electronic means of payment, such as PayPal, ACH and Apple Pay, to remain enticing to a younger target audience and maintain a balanced donor base. As for charitable givers in the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations? Over fifty percent of them prefer to donate solely via an organization’s site.

6. Getting rid of the demographic gap in not-for-profit giving

Older generations are donating more. What this means is eliminating certain demographics for concern that they won’t have the interest or ability to contribute meaningfully to your cause will reduce your donor and member base and weaken fundraising potency later on. Instead, attempt to target different demographics. Figure out why they give, how they give, and the appropriate way to secure funds from them.


As technology advances at an incredible rate, it’s important nonprofits adopt solutions that not just flourish with them but also enable them to meet their donor and member bases where they are. Because of this, a level playing field between nonprofit and for-profit organizations will be developed.

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