Why Home Security Systems Are Essential for Urbanization

What does “secure” mean? The word comes from the Latin word Securus, meaning freedom from anxiety; without care. It entered into the English Language in the 16th century.

So now that we know precisely what “secure” means, what exactly do we mean by a security alarm? There are quite a few definitions out there. Wikipedia, however, says,

A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a building or other area. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders. Car alarms likewise help protect vehicles and their contents. Prisons also use security systems for control of inmates.

Home security generally includes and refers to the security alarm systems that are used on a property. It also includes various personal security practices, such as ensuring that the doors are locked, all the relevant alarms activated, windows are closed, and more.


The well-being of our family members is of utmost importance to all of us. Not a day goes by without us thinking of ways in which we can keep them safe. We can go to any length in order to protect them from harm. When we leave for work, we expect to get home to them at the end of the day with their smiles intact. The only real problem is that ‘hope’ is not a dependable commodity.

Leaving things to fate without strategically planning out the important parts of our lives is foolish. With the rapid ascension of urbanizations, all sorts of troubles are brewing. There is a steady rise in crime in many cities, which reflects the bitter reality of our lives. We may choose to overlook or ignore this by focusing on our needs to develop new cities and better housing, but home security measures should not be underestimated. Any emotional or financial loss due to theft or vandalism can lead to devastating and disastrous consequences for all involved. Not all of the losses or traumas inflicted are recoverable or healable. This now brings us to the final question: Is this loss worth the risk?

Objectives to Achieve Through a Comprehensive Security System

Having an excellent security system goes a long way towards ensuring a better, healthier, and safer life for us and our families. There is an innate need in us to protect our home. There’s nothing else out there that we value more, and a great security system can make a huge difference in how safe you, your family, your home, and all your worldly possessions are. A few of the reasons why installing a security system can benefit us include:

  • Protecting your home and family from intruders
  • Protecting your home and family from fires
  • Providing your family with peace of mind
  • Protecting your valuables
  • Monitoring your home in your absence

A number of security companies can fulfill these objectives through the comprehensive security packages they offer. Vivint security systems are a safe bet in various environments, covering a major chunk of urbanized areas. According to different studies and surveys conducted over time, people live much longer, eat better, and are more literate in urbanized countries, as opposed to less-urbanized countries.  The only issue with this statement is that this correlation doesn’t prove anything with relevance to the link between urbanization and security situations in an area. One of the questions that we need to ask ourselves is why are some people living in poverty under the same conditions and rules, while some are earning beyond the expected and calculated rates of income? What are the reasons for such wide gaps and differences within the same society?

Suggestions to Consider

We need to develop sensible, workable, and proven urban policies which are supported by enough resources to ensure their maintenance. All the basic requirements for a healthy, safe and reasonably comfortable living should be fulfilled so that people from low or mediocre financial backgrounds are fit to survive the ever-evolving and fast-paced times. Unequal distribution of wealth and facilities will simply throw us into a hell hole through which nothing positive will come out. We need to make sure that people from all walks of life have not just hope, but also a firm reality in front of them that their children will lead better lives than they have.

If all these issues are dealt with properly and within time, there won’t be a lot of troubles we need to concern ourselves with. By raising the standards of living in a society, we actually are working towards achieving a crime-free existence, with less danger of insecurity dampening our daily lives. Until that perfect idea is realized, I believe that a proper and approved home security system is the need of our time.

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