Why is the UpLift Facelift a Good Option For Me?

No matter how much dedication there is to staying in shape, eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest and adopting a positive mental outlook, the aging process still happens to every person. But with ever longer lifespans to look forward to, many people today want to continue to look as youthful and vibrant as they feel inside.

Dr. Anurag Agarwal, a board certified facial plastic surgeon, developed the Uplift Facelift procedure to help patients accomplish their image goals with the shortest amount of recovery downtime. This uniquely effective procedure can literally turn back the clock on your face and neck, and your only commitment is to a single week of downtime!

What Is the UpLift Facelift?

The UpLift Facelift is a modified cosmetic surgery procedure that is able to lift and lighten the lower facial and neck areas to tighten and firm up loose skin, smooth the neck and jawline, remove excess tissue and skin from under the chin area and reinforce the musculature supporting these areas, giving you long-lasting results with no visible incision marks.

The UpLift Facelift is not a superficial procedure, like so many “mini-facelifts” being marketed to patients today. Rather, it is a complete reconstruction of the lower facial and neck areas, complete with liposuction (where needed) and reattachment of the supportive musculature in a way that provides appearance consistency over time.

Why Choose the UpLift Facelift?

Unlike most “mini lift” surgeries, the UpLift Facelift doesn’t just perform superficial tightening and smoothing, which functions like a band-aid at most against the natural process of aging.

The UpLift Facelift accomplishes a complete reconstruction and tightening of the entire musculature and support system of the neck and jawline with a very minimal investment in downtime, returning a long-lasting vibrant, youthful appearance.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the UpLift Facelift?

Any individual (female or male) age 35 and up (without limit) is a potentially good candidate to have an UpLift Facelift. Since the procedure is done with local anesthesia only, there are no age-related risks to be concerned about.

An ideal candidate for the UpLift Facelift has some loose or sagging skin in the areas of the neck and jawline and wants a procedure that comes with minimum surgical and recovery time.

The best candidate for an UpLift Facelift will also be a non-smoker. If you do smoke and you wish to have this procedure, you will need to commit to ceasing from smoking for at least two weeks before and two weeks after your procedure.

This requirement is in place because there is research showing that smoking can dramatically inhibit your body’s ability to heal quickly and completely from this type of surgery.

What Is It Like to Have an UpLift Facelift Procedure?

Your UpLift Facelift will be done at the Aesthetic Surgery Center’s outpatient surgical facility. You will be given oral or I.V. sedatives for your comfort. The procedure typically takes around two and a half hours to complete and you will be able to return home the same day.

After your procedure, you may have slender drains in place as you return home. Most stitches will be the dissolvable kind that won’t require manual removal. It will be important to have someone to drive you home and care for you for at least 24 hours following your procedure.

What Is the Recovery from the UpLift Facelift Like?

It is normal to be concerned about what you will feel like after having a procedure on your face and neck – after all, this is a very personal area of the body! However, it is actually quite uncommon to feel pain after procedures in these areas.

You will likely feel some discomfort, perhaps some numbness, bruising, swelling and a bit of itching as your incisions heal. You may also feel a sensation like tightness as your muscles heal. However, you will be provided with all the supplies and medication prescriptions necessary to fully manage any discomfort you may feel.

For the sake of the fastest and most complete healing, you will be asked to refrain from driving for at least two days, from swimming for at least four days, from strenuous workouts (anything requiring lifting and anything beyond walking) for two weeks and from golfing (full swing) for three weeks after your procedure.

Does the UpLift Facelift Have Any Risks?

As with any surgical procedure, there is always a slight risk of bleeding, infection, a reaction to anesthesia, poor wound healing or uneven results.

You may experience mild, temporary bruising, swelling, discoloration or numbness in the days following your procedure. These typically disappear quickly.

Will the UpLift Facelift Cause Scarring?

No! Dr. Agarwal has designed the UpLift Facelift so that all incision points are made in hidden areas, such as behind the earlobes, inside the ears and under the chin. This ensures you will heal from your procedure into completely natural-looking results, with no visible scars to give your secret away!

Because there is only one week of recovery time after your procedure, it is absolutely possible to complete your UpLift Facelift and return to your daily life with no one being the wiser.

To learn more and schedule your initial consultation, visit their website.

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