Why It Works to Be Happy at Work

A job is not necessarily fun and enjoyable. Work is a lot of hard work and takes its toll on you mentally as well as physically. People deal with a lot of stress at work and find it hard to find the perfect work/life balance. Therefore, it’s not always possible to be happy at work. However, it’s highly important you remain happy whilst at work. Keep reading to find out why.

Improves Productivity

This is one big factor for both employees and employers. Being happy at work means you’re able to focus and complete tasks at a higher standard. This can result in promotions & pay-rises, meaning it actually pays to be happy at work!

Reduces Your Stress Levels

It may sound silly, but being happy does, in fact, reduce stress. Just by putting on a happy face reduces the amount of stress at work. Smiling releases hormones which work towards fighting off stress. Therefore, the next time you feel stressed, smile! Turn that frown upside down and have a positive outlook to help the stress disappear.

If your stress is being caused by being overloaded with loads of paperwork, make sure you invest in human resources software. This piece of software is able to do the boring and long-winded tasks which take up a lot of time, leaving you with a lot less work. Something as simple as this can relieve a lot of stress and make you a lot happier at work.

Time Will Fly By

Being happy at work means the hours you’re at work will go quicker. We’ve all heard of the saying,

Time flies when you’re having fun

and it’s true. When you’re enjoying your job, the day will go quicker, meaning the week will pass quicker and the weekend will arrive sooner!

Happiness Makes You Healthier

This reason may sound cheesy but it’s very true. Being happy makes you a healthier person. Emotions vary all the time and can sometimes feel like a bit of a rollercoaster ride. However, working on being happier means you are a healthier, more energetic person. According to iOpener Institute, Happy employees have 65% more energy than unhappy employees.

Increases Your Creativity

When you’re unhappy at work, your creativity is restricted. However, if you enjoy going to work and are happy in your job, you are able to be more creative. This is because you aren’t afraid of making mistakes or making suggestions. You feel comfortable making suggestions and getting feedback from your colleagues. Creativity is key to creating better quality work, as well as improving your job role.


Life’s too short to not enjoy your job. Make sure you do a job which you have a passion for and want to pursue a career in. This will ensure you’re happy at work!

Happy at Work

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