Why You Need Asbestos Awareness Courses

Training your staff beyond just their role can be an extremely useful way of having a knowledgeable and educated workforce. Resulting in a far more efficient staff that in turn provides your business with increased success and revenue. Lack of training can lead to many problems, both for your business, your employees and the environment you all work within. Especially when it comes to safety and asbestos, a very real threat still to this day.

Praxis42 delve into why you need e-learning and more specifically, asbestos online training and how they can help provide a safe environment for your workforce and customers.


It’s important to spread awareness of safety issues such as asbestos, especially in roles where you’re more likely to disturb it, resulting in the spreading of asbestos fibers. In jobs such as construction & firefighting, you’re very likely to encounter asbestos in your day to day work, since it was so prevalently used in the 1980s before knowledge of its danger was found. When encountering asbestos it’s vital that workers have a prior awareness that their work could potentially disturb the asbestos used in older materials. Nowadays asbestos is obviously not used so isn’t a factor in new builds, but in older buildings, it is quite common.


An obvious reason for Asbestos Awareness courses is the huge increase in safety that they provide in the workplace. You can be safe in the knowledge that everybody you employ is trained so if they encounter asbestos you can be confident they fully understand the process that must be followed to safely remove it from the building and be destroyed. If the safe disposal procedure isn’t followed correctly it could harm everybody involved and anybody that breathes in the fibers, resulting in potentially fatal diseases.


A benefit of training your staff in asbestos awareness via e-learning is the cost. Training has evolved a lot in the last few years, gone are the days of lengthy, expensive training days away from work. Now all you need is a device, 30 minutes and away you go, you’re nearly there. Once you try e-learning for all your training needs you’ll be wondering why you didn’t use it sooner. For as little as £25 a course, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of the value, paying less and no more reduced work hours to accommodate training days.

If you work in an industry where asbestos is a very real threat, then get in touch with an e-learning provider such as Praxis42 today and ensure that your employees are as safe as possible when working around asbestos.

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