Why You Should Travel to Eastern Europe for a Bachelor Party?

Unfortunately, or fortunately depends on how you see it, the countries that make up Eastern Europe do not have the recognition they should in tourism. There are no monuments as recognized or identifiable as the Eiffel Tower and first world museums such as El Prado or Reina Sofia in Madrid but in itself, the entire region has a number of attractions that make it unique.

In this article, we want to show you the benefits of traveling to Eastern Europe to celebrate a bachelor party with your friends

Before continuing I must clarify that there is no official list of which countries make up Eastern Europe. Some countries are said to make up Eastern Europe because they were part of the communist bloc, others because of the similarity of language or culture and a few remain in the geographical limbo.

For reasons of practicality, this article considers all the countries that are to the right of Germany and Austria and below the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia).

Benefits of Having a Stag Do Party in Eastern Europe

Partying in Eastern Europe is cheaper. This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits. This region is much cheaper than its western counterpart. Countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, and Serbia are more accessible to your pocket and will allow you to travel more destinations spending much less money. According to the prominent bachelor party organizer Bucharest Bachelors, the ideal place to start as a backpacker or take a low budget trip might be the capital city Bucharest since it has 30-50% lower pricetags then other European counterparts…

Incredible landscapes. If you decide to travel through Eastern Europe, you will not stop being surprised by the landscapes that you will see in the region. The forests of Romania, the beaches of Croatia, the great capitals such as Budapest are some examples of what makes this destination complex unique. Just check the pictures of the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia or Lake Bled in Slovenia along the way!

Historical Monuments. It is true that in Eastern Europe you may not find internationally renowned monuments such as the Roman Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower, but you will find spectacular monuments such as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia or the Parliament of Budapest among others.

Modern history. To travel to Eastern Europe is to travel through time, but not far behind, this region contains impressive cultural baggage of modern history. In Belgrade, you can still appreciate the buildings bombed by NATO during 1999. In Bucharest, the majority of its architecture is communist, which allows you to appreciate a moment in history that is slowly dissipating.

It’s people. The people of Eastern Europe will prove to be the kindest and warmest that you will ever meet! They value family, friendships, and welcome you as if they had known you all their lives. Strangers in the street will greet you and try to help you in whatever they can, even if they do not speak the same language when you least expect them to be taking shots of Rakia or Palinka in the house of someone you just met.

Celebrating an Event.  For Celebrating your birthday Party in Europe you need to hire some birthday party planner to arrange your Event.

Considerations for Traveling to Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe, like the rest of Europe, is perfectly connected to trains, buses or planes, however, it does not have many of the low-cost airlines available in other countries and the trains are not as modern or fast as in Germany or Switzerland. Moving in this region is cheaper, for example, Eurail train passes may not be entirely convenient if you plan to travel only to this region although if you combine them with other countries in Western Europe such as France, Spain, Germany, and Italy then ultimately the combination makes them profitable. While in the capitals and tourist regions English is a language widely spread in many other cities or towns and you won’t have any problems in communication.

Money Management. If you plan to travel to Eastern Europe for a weekend of partying, then you should pay special attention to the issue of money management, especially in your daily expenses. When traveling from one country to another the currency you use changes radically and if you do not calculate in advance the money that you will spend in one place may end up with additional money in a currency that will not be so easy to change in your next destination. Our advice is to calculate your daily budget, withdraw that amount of money from the ATM and keep an additional amount in Euros or Dollars, in case you finish the money that you withdrew initially from the ATM you can change small amounts of Euros or Dollars to the local currency exchange without incurring the commission costs for withdrawing money at a cashier.

Which Countries Do We Recommend for a Bachelor Party in Eastern Europe?

If you have spare time, then every country should be on the list! But here are some of the best examples:

Travel to Romania

Lately internationally recognized for its provocative bachelor parties that sometimes last for days this country has much more to offer than just cheap drinks. If you want to know a culture full of history and mysticism. Its food is delicious and its wooded landscapes are unique. Romania was in the past the battlefront of the conquests of the Middle East towards Europe, and its geography and customs make the country full of legends of vampires, werewolves and other mystical creatures.

Travel to Croatia

If you would like to visit nature and spectacular beaches and also have a blast while partying in some of them then Croatia is a perfect choice. This country is changing radically but still retains pretty picturesque small towns that have even been the setting for several episodes of the series Game of Thrones.

Choose Serbia

Belgrade parties are some of the best in the world period. Serbian capital city is famous for its nightclubs along the Danube river that serve some of the hottest parties that you can hope for in Europe.

Also, If you have a special interest in modern history, you can see first hand the devastating effects of the war and how a country full of culture, a very friendly and warm population have been able to recover little by little. Belgrade is also internationally recognized for its parties if you like to go out until dawn here is where you should be.

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