Why Your Term Insurance Plan Is Incomplete Without Riders

A term policy has many benefits. It is advised to have at least one term insurance plan in your portfolio. One of the benefits that are offered by term insurance plan is that provides life coverage against many uncertainties. In case of the premature death of the policyholder, the insurer will pay a lump sum amount to the policyholder’s nominees.

This is a substantial amount that can be used to meet the lifestyle expenses or in order to pay off any existing debt. Besides the sum assured amount can also be a replacement of income in case the policyholder was the sole breadwinner of the family.

Riders Can Be Purchased Along With The Term Insurance Policy.

Many term insurance plans also offer you to buy riders as well. Some of the popular riders that you can purchase along with the term insurance plans are the critical illness rider, accidental death, and disability rider, income benefit add-on, waiver of premium rider etc. There are many riders that can be bought along with the term life insurance plan based on your needs and requirements.

Term Insurance Plans Are Very Affordable

The term insurance plans are preferred by many because the premium amount is very low and with that, you get a lot of coverage. Also, the premium that you pay towards the term insurance plan gives you tax benefits. All these make it beneficial to buy a term insurance plan.

Should You Buy Riders With The Term Insurance Plan

Riders benefit in term insurance is something that the insured can add on to a pure term insurance plan to enhance the coverage of the policy. But it is not recommended that you buy an excess number of riders just because your agent has told you to do so. If you do that then you will end up paying a higher amount of premium without any additional benefits.

Like for example, you could buy a critical illness plan independently without adding it as a rider in the term plan. It is important that you judge wisely what your requirements are and then buy the riders accordingly.

Buy The Cost Effective Riders And Then Maximize Your Insurance

By purchasing the best term insurance policy you protect your loved ones against different kinds of risks. There is a wide range of insurance provides which offers many kinds of plans to let you save in a disciplined manner or to give you maximum life coverage.

If you are buying a term insurance plan then you could add riders to the plan which will let you design your own insurance plan.

What Is A Term Insurance Plans Rider?

You can customize your term insurance plan with different riders. This is an additional service or a feature that you can purchase with your term policy. The benefits of adding a rider is that it gives you some additional benefits. When you buy a rider then you can customize the policy to increase the benefits and make the plan more comprehensive.

The different kinds of riders that you need to add to your term insurance plan

Comprehensive Accident Benefits

In case you meet with an accident then this could affect your finances. The accidental death benefit rider offered by term insurance plan can be purchased to meet your family’s financial expenses in the case of any accidental death. This is something that you can add to your basic term plan because accidents are not usually covered under a pure term plan. The rider can be purchased either along with the term plan or even after purchasing the term plan. The beneficiary of the policy can get accidental death benefit only in case the insured dies because of an accident. The sum assured amount gets paid to the beneficiary as a lump sum amount along with the accidental death benefit which is as per the contract of the policy.

Waiver of Premium (WOP) Rider

Waiver of Premium rider waives off the entire premium in case of the death or any critical illness of the policyholder. Even after the unfortunate incident the family still continues to revive the benefits of the policy.

Partner Care Rider

This is a rider benefit offered by term insurance plans helps to safeguard your family after you die. When you purchase this rider then the insurance company will pay off the entire future premium amount as per the base insurance policy to the nominee. In case of the grace period then the unpaid premium amount also forms a part of the death benefit.

Partial Or Permanent Disability

Term insurance with permanent disability rider . can use in case the policyholder becomes partially or permanently disabled. This rider will assure the insured an income when they are unable to work for themselves. This rider is applicable only if the insured get disabled partially or totally due to an accident.

Critical illness rider

If you purchase this rider then you will receive a lump sum amount in case you get diagnosed with a critical illness as mentioned in the insurance policy. Usually, most of the major illnesses are covered under this rider. The policy could either continue or terminate after the lump sum amount toward critical illness is paid off. Many times the policy coverage amount is deducted with the amount paid towards the critical illness. This may be different from one insurer to another so make sure that you read the policy document carefully.

Income benefit rider

This rider generates income after the policyholder dies. If you buy this rider then your family gets supplement income along with the amount of the sum assured.

Understand Term Insurance Riders And Its Benefits

Term insurance is a pure form of insurance that offers death benefits to the policyholder’s family in the event of an unexpected death of the insured. You can add some riders benefit the term insurance by paying some extra premium amount and can design the policy as per your requirements.

The term insurance riders are an attachment to the insurance policy that offers some supplements along with the basic coverage offered by the policy. So if suppose you buy the waiver of premium rider then this will let you to continue the life coverage even when you are not in a position to pay the premium towards the policy.

Understand in detail the term insurance riders

Conclusion- Buying Rider Helps You To Design Your Own Term Policy

The term plan insurance riders seem to feel like a necessity to ensure the eventualities in life. Preventing these is not in our hands but planning for these is well within our control. When you purchase the term insurance riders then this could help your family feel secure and have peace of mind.

If you have bought a term insurance plan then this is a good start. Your family is relieved that they will get financial aid when you are not there. But in case you feel that you wish to add more protection to the term plan then you could add some riders to the basic term insurance policy. There are many types of riders and you could design your insurance policy to be more comprehensive by adding them to your term insurance plan.

The riders like critical illness and disability rider increase the insurance coverage and you do not thus have to buy separate or more expensive policies to get the benefits offered by these riders. You can buy the rider when you are buying the insurance policy or could even buy them at a later stage.

So choose the rider carefully based on what your needs are. It is also important that your term insurance policy offers adequate coverage because you want to ensure that your family is financially well off even when you are not there.

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