Why Your Website Must Be Focussed on Mobile Users

If you are a small business owner or just taking your first steps into launching a start-up, make sure that your digital marketing strategy is very much focussed on mobile users. Up until a few years ago, websites were built with desktop users in mind and perhaps the surge in mobile use was not predicted to be so rapid.

Mobile overtook desktop as the top device used to access the internet a few years ago and the number of mobile users continues to climb. Internet browsing behaviour has changed with the advances in smartphones and tablets. People are increasingly turning to their mobile device for everyday tasks like responding to emails, social networking and even ordering the shopping. So if you are an entrepreneur planning out your digital marketing strategy, if you do not have mobile users in mind then you are going to miss out on huge revenue.

The Implications

When a mobile user accesses a website that is not mobile friendly, it means that standard actions like clicking on a link become difficult. Reading text and navigation becomes difficult and how the website displays could be very different to how it is intended. Your mobile using visitors are likely to become frustrated and then they will simply move onto another website to do business instead. You are missing out on all of that potential custom.

It is estimated that around 55% of internet access is via mobile phones, so imagine 55% of your website visitors being unhappy with the experience they have when they go to your homepage. That is a really huge volume of missed business leads. So whatever you do, ensure that you cater for mobile users.

Aside from generating leads, having a fully functioning website is vital in all sectors. For example, it is imperative that a school’s website design offers all of the information that parents of prospective students need to know and that online resources can be viewed in accordance with the audience’s browsing habits.

Where WordPress Works Best

If you are just starting a website up for the first time, you might want to have a look at the WordPress templates that are already set up to create a responsive website. A responsive design means that your web pages will look nice and be user-friendly across most devices of all different sizes. And if your mobile users are happy, they are much more likely to do business with you.

There are loads of free themes that you can use to ensure you set your website up to be responsive and you do not even need a web developer to do this for you as they are readily available. All you need to do is sort out your hosting package and use a one-click installation type set up, choose a responsive template and you are ready to go. Then you can concentrate on creating content that your visitors will love, to help drive sales.

To get a good idea of works best, carry out research on other WordPress hosted websites and write down a list of features that you feel work well and what doesn’t. Ensure to broaden your scope to more than your own personal views, as this might not be shared by the majority.

Email Marketing

As well as having a responsive website, you should think about how your email marketing will display on mobiles. If you are looking for a professional looking email with images and other engaging content, then you will want to use a responsive template to ensure it looks how you intend it to. You are not going to send out a good impression if you send an email and it looks like a jumble of weird text and images having a fight.

You can use companies like MailChimp to create responsive templates that will ensure you get that professional, engaging format that you were trying to achieve.

There are a few different variants of companies that you can use but MailChimp offers a free package that you can take a look at.

Once you change your mindset to that of ‘mobile users are a top priority’ you will start to see the huge business benefits in doing so. Google is already in the process of making this change, which spells only bad news if you do not share this outlook on browsing habits moving forwards.

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