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Get a Chance to Know WordPress Better

WordPress is one of the CMS sites which offer its users, usually small businesses, to be flexible and functional. It is the most flexible and resourceful site like Ghost and Joomla, etc. It is an open source site which is freely accessible with options like built-in templates and connected architecture.

The website has been designed in a way to keep its user at great ease. Different templates have been designed for the users to decide on and find the best one. It offers unique customizations based on your personal requirements and considers it done. You have all you wanted for a perfect website. You can create a website for either personal or commercial purpose with the use of this software.

WordPress offers its users to get their hands on the CMS app for free or you can get it easily from HostBreak.com Web Hosting. All it takes is a simple click to start the setup with the help of Softaculous, based on your preference. The version which has been downloaded from the WordPress manually can be quite complicated, but it could be quickly put to work with the help of an administrator.  WordPress is freely available with no extra monthly expense, except for the customized themes or exclusive plug-ins, etc. You should keep scrutinizing your budget for extra large pictures and files being shared.

History of WordPress

WordPress started has been offering its services to customers since May 2003. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little introduced it and ever since it has been growing and thriving. It is one of the most popular CMS sites because of its exclusive web hosting experience and maintaining standards.

Why you should Choose WordPress?

Being a user, one may not possess adequate technical expertise. In order to assist this cause, WordPress comes with an SEO friendly URLs, summarized feeds, post categorization, and user-friendly interface to enable writers to perform different functions effectively. It does not matter if you don’t possess technical knowledge. With the help of WordPress built-in templates editing could be simple and efficient.

A variety of templates are offered by WordPress to choose from, with a lot of options for adjustment of a website according to you. With a little knowledge or skill about coding, WordPress user can choose and adjust the template as per their requirement and preference. WordPress repository helps in increasing the functionality by offering enhanced features. Such plugged-in features could be used according to their wish.

Advantages of Using WordPress

Given below are some of the advantages which differentiate WordPress from the rest of the CMS sites:

  1. Free availability of most of the essential features
  2. The simplicity of usage assuring an exclusive experience
  3. Easy installation
  4. SEO friendly
  5. Extensible for E-Commerce purposes

In order to keep introducing new features to its users, WordPress keeps on updating its software. Some may view it as a shortcoming, but it doesn’t take much time and effort to secure the site with just one click.

Installation Process

WordPress can be downloaded from the main website, i.e. WordPress.org in the form of zipped files. Another option is HOSTBREAK’s web hosting where it is already installed. WordPress website is just one click away from you as in no time a user can access it. In case of installing it manually, an administrator will be helpful in activating the site.

WordPress Charges- Economical Hosting

The best thing about WordPress is that it’s free. Yes, you read right! All initial and basic themes are free of cost. Small businesses could start it without incurring any cost at all, besides the cost of domain and hosting. WordPress exclusive and premium may cost you a little fee or donation. Advanced users have to pay an annual fee of $100.

As the content and plug-ins increase, the needs of the resource increase as well. Consuming bandwidth and increasing in size makes it essential for you to prepare budgets beforehand. Shared web hosting may work for you for a while, but you will need to upgrade it as it expands in size. HOSTBREAK can be helpful here, for its quality, and low cost.

Avoid Free Hosting by WordPress

Well, there are some reasons for which it is usually suggested that one must avoid free hosting offered by WordPress. Here is why we should not use free service!

First of all, the biggest hassle is unnecessary ads or e-mails for marketing purposes and you can’t do anything about it. Free hosting may also allow partial or restricted support. One may get short and quick responses from the support team, but that’s all you will get from them.  Good luck with that!

The best you can do to avoid this hassle is getting HOSTBREAK Web Hosting Services, where you can get the best speed, top-notch services with no unnecessary emails and ads. Guru Team of support will always be there to assist you at most economical rates possible.

Web Hosting by WordPress with Optimization of HostBreak Platform

WordPress offers the most optimized solution for all the customary issues one might face with the usage of any software. With WordPress running in your system the manual and time-consuming process of installation could be simply evaded without any effort. The content is good to go just like that.

The best feature that is offered by HOSTBREAK optimization in WordPress is its best ever loading speed. With this feature the user does not have to worry about trifling issues, rather all your focus could be on your skills and performance of your website. The rest could be left to the experts for dealing with the speed and loading concerns.

This is not all about the features that HOSTBREAK optimization of WordPress offers you, but there are many others to make you awestruck by our expertise and proficiency. It helps you to secure your website against all scamming and illegal activities. Exclusive URL saves you from a lot of problems you might face while using expensive web hosting with WordPress. Optimized HOSTBREAK Web Hosting is the best option you can avail if you want the top-notch quality with superior features.

You have Questions? We have Answers!

We have been valued for our 24/7 commitment to our duties, which has helped in guaranteeing a reliable hosting. However, we don’t take the satisfaction of our customers for granted.  We have a support team of experts to help you anytime and anywhere. You can have your funds fully refunded in case of any grave issue.

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
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