Would You Make a Good Teacher?

Teaching is one of those professions that many children aspire to be, usually because they enjoy a certain subject and/or feel particularly inspired by one or more of their teachers at school. It takes a special person to be a teacher, will a certain amount of confidence and patience required to work in the school setting.

If education is something that you are passionate about, and you feel that you are good with children, then there is a real chance that teaching could be for you. So what about you would make you a good teacher?

You Enjoy Learning

To be a good teacher, you need to be open and willing to learning new things on a daily basis. If you are not excited about the prospect of learning, then why should your students? As much as one can specialise in any subject, you cannot know everything and do not completely disregard the idea that your students can teach you as much as you can teach them.


Many teachers see their role as a performing art, delivering a lesson to an audience of students. As in the arts, no two audiences are the same, so experimenting with fresh ideas as a means of delivery is essential.

Tapping into your students’ interests can accelerate the learning process. Once the subject becomes relevant to their everyday life and interests, students can better immerse themselves in the lesson. Being a teacher often means bridging the generational gap and, if this is something that you can achieve with success, the chances are that students will look forward to your lessons.


You have to be passionate about teaching and not just looking to get in the game for the sake of extra-long holidays – the best teachers use this time to plan and perfect their sessions. As the age-old saying goes; fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

While you don’t necessarily have to be thinking about your sessions 24/7, teaching certainly isn’t something that you can just leave at the door and forget about. If you truly have a passion for teaching, you will ensure that you have a plan, and a contingency plan, in place ahead of every session.

Willing to Offer Your Time

When you take the first steps into teaching, you have to be willing to give up large parts of your own time in order to gain the valuable experience needed in order to progress your career. Merely sitting and listening to your lecturer at university and gaining that degree isn’t enough as you have to put yourself out there.

Offer to volunteer at schools where you can gain experience in the classroom as an assistant. This will go a long way to landing your first full-time teaching job which, if you are still reading this article, is the dream. Make time to get yourself onto teaching training placements in cities such as Cambridge and other areas, as this is one of the first things that potential employers will look for.


Finally, one of the most important traits needed in order to succeed as a teacher is patience. You will need patience with students, who may not always be on their best behaviour and those that take a little bit longer to understand certain concepts than their peers.

You will also need patience from a career-perspective, too, as while teaching does have good earning potential, like any job it takes years of hard work and dedication to work your way towards the higher pay scale.

Teaching is something that you should only consider if it is something that you would feel genuinely excited about. If this is you, then you are made for the classroom.

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