How To Write For Top Quality Blogs Like Forbes, Mashable and HuffingtonPost

Do you at any time envy those websites on the net which are regularly showing up in the top 10 search page results every time keyword phrases relating to what you do come up with Google or Yahoo? Do you ever desire you will have the same publicity as well as the same volume of high-quality web traffic? Well, obviously you do! The best news is, you also have the opportunity to send not less than a small fraction of the website traffic which they generate by putting great content on these sites along with backlinks to your website or blogging site.

Below are some tips on how you can write for top quality blogs like Forbes, Mashable, Huffington Post and others.

Here’s how you can make it happen:

Choose the websites you’re going to target

The first step is to identify the best sites to target. It’s crucial to ensure that they’re closely related to your niche but not direct competitors. Also, ensure that they have higher page ranking (compare to your PR) and that they’re attracting massive, high-quality traffic that fit the profile of your potential clients. Also, ensure that the sites are trusted not just by online users but by industry experts as well.

Research each website

Next phase would be to check out these sites and answer this question in your mind that: are they permitting visitors to publish articles or any content? If perhaps the answer is NO, check out the next website and if at this time the answer is YES, find out their requirements. What exactly are the topics that they would like guest writers to target? Will there be a particular tone or standard that should be adhered to? What about keyword density and minimum word count?

Build a relationship with top webmasters

Getting top webmasters to allow you to write on their website isn’t a piece of cake. Sometimes, just approaching them and telling them your interest wouldn’t work. What you can do is start a relationship with them. Visit their blog and website frequently. Ask questions, leave brilliant comments every time they write new content or posts articles, enroll in their online surveys, give them the information they can make use of when upgrading their blog/site, and so on. It is much easier to get them to say yes if they know you.

Give top webmasters a reason to link to you

The primary goal here is to make connections through your content that will point your readers to your website. Keep in mind that top webmasters are very careful when linking to other blog and website. They want to make sure that whatever link that they recommend to their visitors are of high quality and worth visiting. So, before you even guest write for other sites, ensure that your site is worth linking to.

Give it your best shot

If you want to continue writing for top blogs, again and again, you will need to steer clear of disheartening them and their target audience. At all times, put your very best foot forward when writing your content. Make sure that you provide nothing but good, helpful information. Additionally, be sure that your content is nicely written, structured, attractive to read, and above all very educational. Your content must be something your readers would be pleased to share with their friends as well as on social media sites.

With the above tips am sure you now know what it takes to write for top quality blogs of your interest.

So what are you still waiting for? Get up and start writing your way to riches.

Umar Bajwa
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