Wrongful Termination – What to Do If You’ve Been Unjustly Fired

When you lose your job it can be hard to think clearly, especially if you are struggling to comprehend how or why this has just happened. Once the dust has settled, you may realise that your termination wasn’t lawful. When that happens it’s important to follow a clear process to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve through the right channels. If you think you have been unjustly fired and need to know what to do next, use these simple steps to getting started.

Seek advice

The first step to better understanding the process is to get confirmation of your case. Often times it can seem as though termination was unlawful, but upon closer inspection, the company has managed their business very well. Take your case to law firms in Melbourne or in your local city to discuss the finer details of your case. A legal expert will be able to provide one-on-one consultation and assessment of your case. Before you move forward, the experts will be able to lay out the best advice for your individual case. Legal advice is individual, so it’s important not to try and compare your case with anyone else’s. Take the time to have your case reviewed by a legal expert and you’ll very quickly have a detailed plan to move forward with your case.

Get prepared

After meeting with a legal expert, it’s highly likely you’ll need to start compiling documentation and evidence. It’s important that you bring everything forward, no matter how insignificant it seems. Keeping a record of all correspondence, contracts and other interactions with your former employer will help build a complete picture for your legal representation. If you find yourself questioning whether something is necessary or useful, always bring it along. What seems benign to the layman, may be the smoking gun to a legal expert. It’s likely you received communications at the point of termination, be sure to have it all packaged together for your representatives.

Cease communications

It’s very easy for someone who isn’t aware of the law to be caught unaware further down the line. This can certainly apply for a newly terminated employee. The best process to follow once you have realised you need a lawyer and engaged one is to cease all direct communications with your former employer. If they wish to speak with you, your legal representative can take stock of any and all communications or requests. Without tone, an email could be interpreted a number of ways, so it’s important that even if you receive an email from a colleague who was once a friend, that you don’t respond. The channels of communications must strictly be between your legal representative and your former employer.

Hold nothing back

This may seem quite obvious to some, but not all. It’s crucial that when legal proceedings begin, you don’t hide anything. Be honest, open and upfront with all information. The last thing any wrongful termination case needs is a surprise in the courtroom. Even if you think it is not going to help or it was nothing, the answer is always to disclose it anyway. Your legal representative is likely to probe you for all information, but to make life easier, be forthcoming from the get-go. Your legal team is only as good as the information they have to work with, so give them everything.

Being terminated is tough, especially when you don’t believe it was lawful. Putting the steps in place to contest your dismissal can be complicated. If you believe you have been unlawfully fired, use these easy tips to get your legal action started.

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