Yoga And Massage: What’s The Connection?

If you are a person who is looking to get into good shape, there are many different kinds of exercise programs that are available out there that can really help you to do the job. Whether you sign up to join a gym or follow some program at home, you can do wondrous things to make your body more toned and muscular, while improving your outlook on yourself.

One of the things that people often do is to involve themselves in some kind of yoga program. Since those in the West discovered this ancient art from the Orient, they have used it as a means to improve their physical and emotional health through this magnificent set of exercises and movements.

There are those who also see the benefits of massage therapy. After a hard workout, there is nothing like having a deep tissue massage or some other form of this therapy to relieve soreness in your muscles and improve blood flow so that healing can happen at a more rapid rate. For many, the use of massage has become an effective means of improving the efficiency of their workout and making it so that there rehabilitation from the workout happens at a more efficient rate.

The Integration of the Two

It is becoming clear to many who make working out a regular part of their routine that adding some other form of therapy as part of their regimen can be an effective tool in improving their overall health. This is why yoga or massage has become a great choice.

When many don’t realize is that there are many connections between both yoga and massage. Both of these forms of therapy can be exceptional at helping to improve your overall health, and there are actually many similarities between the two that you may not have thought of.

First of all, understand that these two techniques are like sisters to one another. Both of these are an ancient art form that goes back thousands of years, and both started in the same region of the world as a means to improve physical and mental acuities.

Yoga is a Form of Massage

It starts with the fact of understanding that yoga is actually a form of massage. In essence, it is self-massage, where the manner in which you move and breathe actually helps in the soothing effects, much like massage provides.

When a person is following the breathing techniques in yoga, they are actually helping to massage the internal organs in their body through the breathing that is going in through their nose and mouth, and also in the way that they are bending and twisting their bodies.

These kinds of moments do a lot more than contorting the body to improve flexibility. The way that the movements occur in yoga actually provides a very soothing effect on the muscles, increasing blood flow and making it so that the healing process in the body occurs at a more rapid and efficient rate. A person is able to relax and their body feels significantly better during the yoga techniques.

It does not matter the level of treatment that is needed, yoga can actually provide a very relieving and therapeutic form of self-massage in the way that it is able to improve a person’s health. By improving circulation and stretching the muscles in the right way, a person is able to find an amazing amount of relief that is similar to what massage provides.

There Is a Major Difference

A major difference between the two is the fact that yoga completely relies on yourself to gain the therapeutic benefits. When you go for a massage you are trusting that someone else is able to provide you with a therapy necessary to improve your health. This is not true in yoga.

While there are benefits that completely overlap between the two, yoga allows you to do this on your own. Many are concerned that they will not be able to reach all the areas that a trained therapist would, but if a person is following a comprehensive yoga workout they can gain every single benefit that massage therapy provides.

The only exception to this is that some enjoy the personal connection that goes on with a massage. Having someone use their hands on their body to relieve stress and improve circulation can be very comforting and acts as a form of therapy as well. This cannot be provided during the yoga technique.

It is true that there are many different kinds of therapies that can benefit you, so deciding upon the best massage therapy for yourself is really about what works best for you. You may find that deep tissue massage or some other ancient art form works best for you. However, you may find that yoga gives you everything that you are looking for in a massage technique, improving your overall health as you desire.

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