10 Tricks to Boost Your WIFI Connection at Home

You’re probably listening to Taylor Swift’s new music hit entitled, “Ready for it?” via YouTube. However, the music video kept on loading and running sluggish due to the fluctuating connection. In this case, you should take a look at your WIFI router and apply all these tips to boost your connection.

1- Buy a Quality Router

What is the standard in buying a quality router? Routers normally reached the lifespan of 5 to 7 years depending on the brand, spare parts, and usage. It is advisable to check out the newly launch routers since these devices are improved and tested to provide an excellent internet connection.

When buying a router, you should assess its popularity, quality, Gigahertz, adherence to WIFI standards, latest features, and price. These characteristics are the best gauge in purchasing a great quality device. You may also check forums, testimonials, and product reviews to assess the device properly.

2- Place the Device on the Best Spot

Are you living in a two-storey house? Setting up the router on the second floor might cause the first floor to have a weak or no connection. Same thing applies when the households place the router on the first floor, leaving the second floor’s internet connection poor.

What is the ideal area to position your WIFI router? You should test your device around the house and find a centralized location wherein you can connect in both floors. Alternatively, you may also consider the area where you mostly work, play, or use the internet connection and place the device around that area.

3- Get a WIFI Extender

A WIFI repeater (otherwise known as the WIFI extender) can improve the signal of the device. You can purchase a WIFI Extender or use the old WIFI router to boost the internet connection speed. As a tip, place the WIFI repeater on the weak WIFI zone. The extender helps centralize the signal and connection all throughout your home.

4- Determine Your Wireless Channel

Wireless channels are significant to allocate the WIFI on the users. It consists 11 channels and the user can freely move to any channel. As an advice, you can switch to a different channel wherein there are only a few users connected to that channel. In this way, you can enjoy the speedy internet connection and avoid the overlapping of the channels since there were only a few users to share with the WIFI.

For Android and iOS app users, download the WIFI Analyzer and run this app to check your channel. You can also find the best channel containing few users. For Windows and MAC users, search on the Acrylic WIFI or Airbreak WIFI Radar to know your channel.

You can also use the command prompt in determining your channel using the netsh code. However, this is only applicable to Windows 10 users.

5- Remove Your Device to Magnetic and Electric Interference

As much as possible, keep away the router from any appliances, gadgets, wires, and metals. These items may cause disturbance and unstable WIFI connection. It is also recommended to place the device on wooden surfaces to prevent any magnetic and electric interference.

6- Reboot Your WIFI Device Regularly

It is important to refresh your device’s system regularly. This approach is similar to when you clear your cache, cookies, and history in your browser. A proper reboot of the WIFI Device is necessary to clean it up and restore its efficient functionality.

7- Gear towards the Updates on Your Router

Take a look among the newest router brands, models, and versions in order to replace your old device. Sometimes, the device becomes obsolete and results to a poor performance. In addition, gadgets are typically good for a 5-year use only. Make it a habit to check the latest updates on your router and replace the old with the something new for an optimum performance.

8- Inspect Your Computer’s Hardware, CPU, and Cables

Assess the overall device and computer to see if there are any signs of slow connection. Sometimes, the PC’s CPU, hardware, or cables are partially damage therefore causing interruptions to your connection. The Comparoid recommends quality CPUs, cables, WIFI devices, and cables for a long-term use. You can check these units online to inspect the quality and performance.

9- Experiment with Aluminum Foil or Drinking Cans

Interestingly, the techie people come up with an idea when it comes to boosting the WIFI connection. You will be surprised to know that aluminum foil and drinking cans can accelerate the speed of the internet. Just wrap the foil or can around the router’s antenna to see the amazing effect.

10- Restrict Heavy Bandwidth Usage

A WIFI connection is shared across multiple users. As a tendency, the allocation of the bandwidth is divided among all the users. The heavy bandwidth usage can trigger a slow connection especially if everyone will watch movies or download files.

In this case, you can ask the users to refrain from downloading files or streaming movies online simultaneously. As much as possible, the users should watch or download movies one at a time. Foster a give-and-take relationship when it comes to the internet usage.

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