15 Tips To Use WhatsApp Like A Boss

WhatsApp is the messaging darling of almost every smartphone user. Its popularity is keeping on raising and getting stronger through the introduction of new and powerful features. Every feature is adding something new to this great IM app that has taken a permanent place when it comes to messaging.

Just like with every other product in the market, there has to be a reason why it’s a strong contender when it comes to messaging applications.

The reality is that we can only embrace the use of this application because everyone who can dare resist it will only be sidelining themselves, given that this is one of the major communication channels. To enjoy using it at all times, here are some tricks that one can use and make a lot out of its use.

  • Formatting Messages Before Sending

It’s a great feature for perfectionists! Even having said that, it’s cool and respectable to use perfect grammar when communicating, and this feature will ensure that you only send your texts that have perfect spelling and are well punctuated.

  • Add Emphasis

You can also format the text and give it the font that you want, bold it, strikethrough and do other things to emphasize your message the way you want.

  • The Web Browser Version

You will be required to download the WhatsApp module and use easy installation steps

on your PC to use this feature. It works as an interface to your phone, and when you are busy in the office you will not have to keep on looking for your phone every time a text comes. The module is a replica of your phone texts and you will reply and chat just as usual.

  • File Transfer

Gone are the days when one would want to send a document that is on their phone’s SD card, they would first connect the phone to a PC through a cable. Documents can be easily sent to phones and PCs by simply attaching them to the text messages that you are sending.

  • Data Backup

When you have an important chat you can’t afford to lose, the conversation backup feature is there for your aid. You simply open the chat you want to save and send it to your email through the following steps. Go to Options => More => Email chat and then you follow the instructions.

  • Staying Away From The Crowd

There are times when we feel that we just want to be alone without offending other people. Though the IM app has a feature that shows other when you are online or when you were last seen, you can turn it off and no one will tell whether you are out of data bundles for mobile internet or your phone is off. When you activate that feature to hide your ‘Last seen’, you can still chat with everybody as usual when you want.

  • Sent Message Status

Unlike your normal text messaging, you can track the status of the messages you send. When it’s not received it indicates a single mark of a brownish tick. When it has been received but not read the ticks are double, and when the text has been read the ticks will turn to color blue. That feature helps you to know that your message has been passed successfully.

  • Marking The Favorite Messages

Since you will be having long conversations with your contacts, the star feature helps to mark messages that you will want to refer to later. That way you will be saved the pain of having to scroll through hundreds of messages when you need to look for it.

  • Privacy Options

They are great. They help you to select the contacts you want them to see things like your status message, profile picture and the like.

  • You Can Also Keep Off Nagging Contacts

Those are the people that you don’t want to completely lose their contacts but you need them to stop reaching you on this app. Use the ‘Block’ feature to keep them off. They won’t be able to send you any message when you activate this feature for their specific numbers.

  • Propagating Messages

At times, we will want to send the same message or text to numerous recipients. All you need is to compose it, and then select all the contacts that you want to send it to. They will all receive your message.

  • Quoting Messages

A great feature when you want to answer a specific message. You simply hold it down for a few seconds to highlight it, tap on the reply arrow at the top of your screen and a textbox will appear below that specific message. In it, you can write the reply you want.

  • Tagging Contacts

This is mainly used in WhatsApp group messages. When you want to communicate to one of the group members specifically, use the @ symbol before writing their name as they are in your contacts and it will appear in blue. Write the message and that specific person will be alerted that there is a specific message for them in the group chat.

  • Direct Reply

This is replying without having to access the app on your phone. When a message of a conversation that is in the process pops up, it comes with a ready textbox for typing the reply. It offers you the option to direct reply or view the message on the main chat.

  • Control Data Usage

The app has a feature to help you minimize the usage of your data. When you activate it, you will be able to utilize bandwidth by minimizing it.

There are more features and you can only explore the app more to understand them.

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