20 Excellent Ways to Make Money through your Blog

Do you know there are more than 50 ways to make money through your blog?

However, in this article, we tell you 20 excellent ways to leverage your blog to make the best out of it.

So let us start one by one.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense still remains one of the best ways to make money through your blog.

Bloggers all around the world love Google Adsense because it pays around 68% to publishers. No other Ad Network is willing to pay this much. Moreover, CPC offered by Adsense programs is way higher than other programs online.

If you are a blogger then your first choice must be leveraging the power of Google Adsense.

2. Affiliate Networks

After some period of time, you can graduate to affiliate marketing. You make 3 to 4 times more money with affiliate marketing than Google Adsense. However, selling products is not an easy task. You have to learn copywriting and marketing skills to sell products online.

Choose a product close to the niche of your website from an affiliate network like CJ, Clickbank, ShareASale etc.

3. Sell Your Own Product

If you are successful with selling products of other vendors then you can start selling your own. In affiliate marketing you get only 30% to 40% in commission and rest of the amount goes to the vendor.

So why do you want to lose money to vendors?

Instead, you can create your own product and sell it online. You keep 100% profit without sharing to anyone else.

4. E-commerce Seller

You can become an Amazon affiliate and sell products on their behalf. Being E-commerce seller is a bit different than selling products from an affiliate network.

Here you sell on behalf of just one e-commerce site. Be it Amazon, eBay or Target.

Secondly, E-commerce sellers sell mainly physical products like gadgets, home appliances, clothing etc. While affiliate marketers sell more of digital products like eBooks, software, podcasts etc.

5. Inline Contextual and Text Link Ads

Inline contextual ads and text link ads are an almost same thing with a slight difference. In Inline contextual ads, your ad code to your blog and it will create text link ads related to your blog’s niche inside an article. If someone clicks on these ads you get paid, just like Google Adsense ads.

On the other hand, text link ads are created in the sidebar or footer of your site. Both are great ways to add few more extra dollars.

6. Ad Networks

Ad Networks offer a variety of advertisers for your blog which pays you on per impression basis. Unlike Google Adsense or Inline Ads where you get paid for clicks here, you get paid for per 1000 views.

Rates can vary from advertisers to advertisers however they pay you $1 to $5 for per 1000 visits to your site.

7. Pop Up Ads

You might have encountered Pop Up ads while you are surfing a website, suddenly a small window pops up at the bottom of your screen. You get paid for showing pop ads on your website.

Although people don’t like pop up ads still you can place them if you want extra money.

8. Sell Advertising Space

If you don’t place ads like Google Adsense, Inline Ads, Text Ads, Ad Networks, Pop Up ads on your blog then you can sell advertising space directly to advertisers.

Here advertisers are big companies who would like to place their ads on your blog. However, for selling advertising space you must be a popular blogger with thousands of visitors coming to your blog each day.

Big companies want to leverage the power of your brand.

9. Premium Content

You can create restricted members only content. if your visitors want to access premium content then you can charge a monthly or yearly fee. According to the level of their membership (from basic to advance), you can charge them a fee. You can also create private forums where only premium members can join.

However, in order to succeed with premium content, you need to create great content which impresses your readers with very low pricing.

10. Product Reviews

It is just like affiliate marketing. Here you write honest reviews for various products like Smartphone’s, laptops, cameras, home appliances etc. People love to read reviews, especially if they are buying a new product.

If your review is honest and genuine then people would definitely love to read it. Here you get a chance to up sell a product and earn a commission.

You sell even more products and earn commissions through writing reviews.

11. Sponsored Post

Sponsored post is another great way to add few extra dollars to your monthly income. You can publish blog posts of other bloggers for a fee on your blog.

You can charge anything between $100 and $1000 for one post depending upon the popularity of your site. Sites like PayPerPost can help you to get the people who are looking for sponsored posts.

However, publish posts that are relevant to your blog’s niche.

12. Email Broadcasting

Email broadcasting is nothing but email marketing. You can sell products by sending an email to all your subscribers. This email will contain a sales page pitching your subscribers to buy a particular product. Email marketing is a much targeted form of marketing. You can use email marketing software’s to send bulk mail to your targeted audience

You can make a lot of profit if you have a quality database. So keep collecting relevant email addresses and name of visitors coming on to your blog.

13. Give WordPress Services

After some experience, you can become a WordPress designer or developer. Every new blogger has to deal with WordPress. Hence you can give various services related to setting up a new blog with WordPress as CMS (Content Management System).

The money is really great but the job is very technical.

14. Sell Custom Template and Theme

Experienced bloggers who have been dealing with templates and themes for a long time can create and sell their own custom templates and themes to other bloggers.

A quality template can easily be sold for over $100. Visit WooThemes to learn more about templates and themes.

15. Consultancy

Established bloggers can make huge money from consultancy services. For just an hour long session you can easily charge up to $500 or even more.

You can consult your clients anywhere in the world through Skype. However, you need to have a large number of trusted followers in order to succeed as a consultant.

16. SEO Services

Blogging can’t succeed without SEO. Today most of the bloggers are focusing on SEO for getting quality traffic. You have a great deal of knowledge about SEO then you can help such bloggers and companies to rank their website high on Google Search result page.

Money is really great when it comes to SEO.

17. Offer Freelance Services

Freelance services can include myriads of small services related to blogging. You can join some of the popular freelance sites and include your services on your blog.

Whether it is developing content, SEO, WordPress plugins, designing logos etc you can give all kinds of services to new bloggers and others.

18. Auction Your Blog at Flippa or EmpireFlipper

You can sell your website at EmpireFlipper or Flippa to the highest bidder and make a fortune doing it. If you feel that you can’t handle your blog any more than you can put your website for auctioning. If you get a right bidder then you can make thousands of dollars.

Website flipping is a serious business and a great way to earn money through your blog.

19. Create Paid Business Directory

Although today web directories are outdated still they are not completely obsolete. Generic web directories may be unnecessary but niche specific directories are still relevant. Local businesses still love business directories.

You can create such a directory and accept payments for submissions.

20. Add a Donate Button

Asking for donations is really not necessary. But if you want extra $100 – $300 then you can ask for donations. If you got a loyal following then your followers would be willing to donate some money to your blog.

Add a donate button and start accepting donations in the name of blog maintenance.

Hope the article gave you a brief idea about the top 20 excellent ways with which you can make money through your blog. You can achieve the desired result with dedicated hard work and perseverance. Do share your thoughts when any of the listed ways work and make lots of money for you.

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