5 Tips To Stay Safe On The Roads This Summer

As temperatures run high and tempers remain short, driving may become an exhausting task for some. Your commute to work and back, a short trip to home depot to get a bulb for your lamp at home, or whatever is the reason, it could end badly if you’re not careful while driving. I have compiled 5 tips to stay safe on the road.

#1. Make Sure You Have Enough Sleep

Does this need to be said? Yes, it does! Most of us tend to overwork ourselves and forget to get enough sleep. Being behind the wheel while feeling drowsy is a recipe for disaster. You could end up in anything from a minor fender bender to a bad pile up. Nobody wants to deal with either of those. Then you have to deal with insurance companies and it’s just a big hassle.

#2. Check your vehicle

As temperatures reach an all-time high, make sure your vehicle is well looked after in this weather. We normally take our friend on wheels for granted and forget to check if the engine is working well enough to take on the highway or even city roads. I advise you to check these 20 essential and basic car maintenance methods. Make sure you take it in for maintenance to the dealer on time. It may be very tedious and you may be without a car for a while, but no matter how mundane it sounds, prevention is always better than the cure. Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to avoid getting stranded on the side of the highway only because coolant levels in your car weren’t enough or something bigger like your tires run out of tread and you end up swerving off the road because of highway speeds.

#3. Be Prepared

In this day and age, having a contingency plan is always a good idea. It’s easier to deal with unwanted and avoidable situations if you have planned for them in the odd chance of them happening. For instance, if you get into an accident that does end up being the other person’s fault, having a legal back up other than the insurance firm is a good idea. If you’re in the city of Seattle, keeping a law firm’s contact, such as Khan Law Firm, on hand is a good idea. Emergency plans are always a good thing to have. They ensure your safety to the best degree and may help result in the best positive outcome.

#4. Be Aware

One of the best things you can do to keep yourself and others in the car safe is to be aware. Expect and predict what the other driver may or may not do. If a car is speeding and at the same time changing lanes, expect it to end up swerving and losing control. If you witness such a thing, do not try to pass it. Instead, slow down and usher other drivers about the danger ahead. Pre-empt what is going to happen. According to the 2015 annual collision summary for the state of Washington, on average, “accidents occurred every 4.5 minutes”. The police set out traps for the distracted drivers out there who fail to comply with speed limits.

#5. Avoid Distractions

Multi-tasking is something most of us do on daily basis. This leads us to believe that texting while driving, eating a quick meal while holding the steering wheel or even changing the songs on your iPod is a good idea. It’s quite the opposite actually. Driving is something that requires your full attention. You are controlling a metal body that could literally kill someone or cause unnecessary life-threatening injury. While you’re behind the wheel, it’s crucial you avoid distractions. That cup of coffee you think is a good idea to take along with you on your way to work is part of those distractions. Texting while driving has caused more injuries and deaths than driving under the influence.

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