5 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm

Did you know that, during winter, home heating solutions account for most 70% of the fuel cost in a UK household? In effect, if you could find ways to keep your home warm, you’ll have a drastic drop in your energy utility bill. Hence, in this quick guide, we share five such ways of keeping your home warm. The ingenious methods are easy to use and acceptable to many.

Check on Your Insulation

Up to half of the heat loss sips away through the roof and walls. Now, you may not have enough cash to install an ideal loft. But, you can opt for a cavity wall insulation that will save you large heating bills. It is a cost-efficient option that pays itself within five years of use. Besides, your home energy efficient rating will go up, pushing up the resale value of your home. Next, do you deal with a reliable energy supplier like Oil supplier Beesley Fuels? If so, confirm with them to have a constant supply of heating oil to keep your home warm.

Use Heating Timers

Use a reliable timer on your central heating system. This way, you will have the house toasty long before it gets cold. For example, you can set your boiler to switch on half an hour before your wake up alarm rings. And, set the heating system to go off when you are away to save on energy costs.

Draught-Proof Your Home

Seal all your windows, doors, and visible cracks in time for the winter. Go for weather-stripping tape in your local store. They retail at a fair price and are straightforward to install. Ensure your tape is not too thick, for it can deter the windows or doors from closing well.

Reorganize Your Furniture

Have you organized your home to allow for the freest flow of hot air? If not, plan to reorganize your furniture. Start from where the radiator is. Remove any sofa that could be blocking the radiator. It is absorbing heat that would otherwise circulate the house. Then, create clear zones for your lounging and eating with family. Remove any clutter around the house. These include toys, books, and electronics that are not in use.

Put Foil on Radiator’s back

Once you reorganize your furniture, place a tin foil on the radiator panels to reflect the heat. The reflective foil will bounce back heat that would have otherwise seeped out. It is an energy-saving feature that improves heat circulation in the house. In turn, there is an even flow of heat throughout the room and all the cold spots are eliminated.

Keeping your home warm is a must to get through the winter months. So, employ all the above mentioned techniques, they are very affordable. Also try to cover the floor with a carpet as a bare floor gives an illusion of cold. Placing some rugs on the floor near the fireplace will give the house a warm visual effect. As well as make it a more cozy and comfortable place.

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