7 Things Good Rummy Players Always Do

When we speak of card games, the first thought is always of rummy. This game is not just interesting to play but simple to grasp too. That is the reason why this game is so popular in India. Playing the ultimate rummy game and winning it are two different things. Here are some simple habits that make good players win the game more often than others:

They Arrange the Cards at Hand

A good hand won’t be helpful to you in rummy games unless you utilise it properly. Arranging the cards in a proper order helps to make the right moves. All good players of rummy card game arrange the cards in their hand as soon as they get it. They place all the waste cards to one end of the hand. To the other end, they arrange all the jokers that are present in the hand. After that they arrange the sequences and sets. This arrangement helps to locate a card easily during each move.

They Focus on Life First

Till the life is formed in Indian Rummy, the hand is considered as a full hand and the points are calculated as maximum. This is the reason why forming the life should be a priority in rummy games. The different rummy variations have different definitions for life. In a 10-card rummy game, one pure sequence is termed as life. In a standard 13 card variation of rummy, one pure sequence (natural sequence) and one real sequence (artificial sequence) are together termed as life. Good players try to complete their life and then plan the rest of the moves.

They Know How to Reduce Points

Rummy is a strange game because the more points you have, the closer you are losing this game. This is the reason why all good players constantly try to reduce the points at hand after they have formed their life. There are many different ways to achieve this end. People give up high point cards that are not part of a sequence or set. They also reduce points of incomplete sequences and sets by exchanging with low point cards.

They Know When to Quit the Game

Holding onto a poor hand is a great deal of foolishness. One needs to be wise enough to understand when to stop playing or call it quits. Otherwise, the chances of losing more points in a rummy tournament is high. When a player quits the game at the beginning, he is a charged a nominal 20-25 points based on the variation being played. When you call it quits later in the game, you will be charged double the initial points. Yet, good players would choose to quit rather than playing a bad hand.

They Always Have a Plan B

Good players do not stick to one strategy for the entire game. This means they won’t rely on one sequence to complete the hand. Instead, they will create many pairs of cards that may form sequences eventually. This ability to maintain a Plan B increases their chance of winning the game.

They Do Not Cheat

Only bad players consider cheating as an option. A good player knows that the same effort is required to cheat or to learn the right move. However, learning the correct game is what makes you a winner. They focus their energies on learning the right moves in rummy card games.

They Do Not Fear Defeat

Accepting failures and appreciating good moves of the opponent makes you a good learner. That is why all good players learn to accept failure gracefully and learn better moves in the game to win it. They do not take defeat in a negative way. Instead, they try to learn the best moves each time they lose a game. They try to analyse why the opponent won and this helps them be wiser in the game.

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