A Cat’s Guide to Vogue

The post-Christmas fever and ushering in the new year also brings in winter chills that send shivers down our spine. We lust for warm fuzzy boots to lovely trench coats that keep us warm enough to smile when we walk out for a party night or soft sweatshirts that we don’t comfortably for a night to ourselves in this weather. Our pets also seek warmth in the weather that their fur coat absolutely loves but is often not adequate enough to keep them comfortable.

The emergence of ‘catwalk’ as one of the prime keyword, whenever we talk about the fashion industry, should constantly remind us that cats, our most favoured pets especially on quiet winter days, must never be left out. They deserve all the pampering and some really fashionable clothes and accessories this winter. Both faithful and extremely moody, cats are naturally heat seekers. They tend to curl up around devices and objects that emit heat. Clothes for your feline family members would not only make them look absolutely adorable and cuddle-worthy (not that they need clothes to look stunning) but would also provide them with the adequate amount of fuzzy warmth.

To know your pet friend better and understand their needs, you can scroll through petsho, it’s going to guide you better about their needs and you’ll shop and care for them accordingly.

We have also created a list of fashion essentials for your beloved furry family members.

Soft and comfortable t-shirts

This is one of the most basic clothing that every pet parent is advised to get for their babies, however, for cats, especially the very popular cat breed, the sphinx, t-shirts are a great way to begin to start dressing up your feline friend as they are both warm and comfortable.

Apart from these t-shirts. A fleece shirt is also a great alternative, especially for cat breeds that have lesser hair growth. The fleece shirt is both soft and warm and makes it difficult for you to resist snuggling into your cat while they look absolutely dashing in it.

Butterfly vest cat harness

This is one of the most useful clothing items for your pet cat. Generally, one doesn’t really see a cat going out on a walk with their owner, for every cat parent knows that the feline friend is the real master. However, one must always keep this clothing item handy whenever you need to take your cat outdoors. It is definitely not the most suitable idea to carry a full grown cat in your arms, given the fact how mercurial they are, and also how inconvenient it is, therefore, rather than just a mere dog collar, a cat harness allows both your cat to be comfortable to help you keep your pet close to you while you’re outdoors.

Hand Knitted Cat Poncho

As mentioned earlier, cats seek warmth and are often seen snoozing near heaters or on charging laptops. However, sometimes your feline friend can get fuzzy about wearing any clothing item that constricts their agile movements in any form. A sweater or a t-shirt can sometimes make it difficult for the cat to move around as freely. A poncho, on the other hand, will provide warmth as well as remove any form of restricted movement that would have been causing the cat any trouble.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Want to add to the cool factor of your already extremely sassy pet? Hoodies are not only a human’s favourite and most comfortable winter wear but there are hoodies available for your furry pets too! A tiny hoodie that’s the perfect fit for your cat looks awesome and also keeps them comfortably warm in the harsh winters.

Adding to that, there are sweatshirts designed specifically for the holiday season for your pets. So, it won’t be just you wearing your Christmas sweatshirts but also your cat giving you company in looking high in holiday spirits!

The Feline Foursie

Popular for human babies as onesies, The Feline Foursie is the most convenient clothing for your adorable kitten. It not only keeps your furry family members warm while they are asleep at night and also become a pleasant sight to look at, the first thing in the morning.

Cat Hats

This is one accessory that does not really serve the purpose of keeping your cat comfortable and warm in the cold weather, however, fashion isn’t just always about feeling good, it is also about looking good. Your well-groomed cat would look absolutely stunning if they don a pretty little hat while clothed in items that will keep them warm and we are sure they wouldn’t mind a little bling. After all, they are constantly licking their own paws and strolling up and down the counter as they please. A hat would only make them look more majestic while they go about doing their own thing.

These are some of the clothing items that you can easily purchase for your cats and help them look good in this harsh winter weather and raise both yours and their holiday spirit!

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