Best Outfits to Pair With a Yellow Raincoat

Learn how to style a yellow raincoat on a rainy day and still look stylish. Womens raincoat instead of umbrellas is a trend that is making a major comeback, and they can help brighten up the rainy days.

Looking cute during the wet season is a challenge for most women. Most people may not consider a raincoat as a fashion piece as it is mostly used during cold and rainy weather, but the latest raincoat designs are changing this belief. Yellow raincoats nowadays are designed to look good with everyday outfits, meaning you can add them as a piece to your weekend casual attire. Below are some ideas on what to wear with the yellow womens raincoat.

With Tees and Rain Boots

A yellow women’s raincoat and rain boots are an excellent combination as you expect to walk on a wet ground. The same color match is perfect, or you can try a mix and match. You can wear a t-shirt beneath the coat and pair them with skinny jeans. A white or striped t-shirt and blue jeans will leave the yellow coat as a statement piece.

With a White Vest Top, Jeans, and White Sneakers

If you are aiming for a simple casual outfit, a combination of the yellow raincoat, white vest top and skinny jeans will do. White sneakers and skinny jeans add the simplicity you want. However, you should be aware that you will not be taking off the raincoat as it is the only piece keeping you from being underdressed.

With a Mini Dress and Doll Shoes

Any dark-colored mini dress will match perfectly with the yellow raincoat. You can complete the outfit with brown doll shoes or any other choice of a flat shoe. Make sure that the coat fits you well to avoid covering the dress. This outfit perfectly matches with the raincoat that others may think you are wearing a yellow blazer.

With a Denim Short

A combination of a yellow raincoat is a creative way to show off your long legs. Just make sure that the shorts are shorter than the coat, but the coat does not appear oversize. You can pair it with a white striped t-shirt or a dull-colored knit sweater. Add knee-high rain boots to the outfit if it is for a rainy day.

With a T-Shirt Dress

A striped t-shirt is a good dress choice to pair with the raincoat if you are planning to remove the coat later. You can add knee-high rain boots and black leggings to keep yourself warm and stay matched with the cold weather.

If you are not a fan of leggings, you can match the yellow raincoat with a single piece t-shirt dress. The dress should be slightly above the knee and the raincoat only revealing just a few inches of the dress. You can also add a denim jacket below the coat to stay warm.

A Midi Raincoat and Jeans

A longer raincoat is a unique choice for a night out during the rainy season. Midi and maxi coats will cover most of your body and keep you dry even without using an umbrella. Pair it with skinny jeans and a white t-shirt.


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