Decisions on Drapery – Matching Curtains to Your Decor

When decorating any room it is important to consider how each item works in the space and with space. Considering your bed furnishing, the artwork and the upholstery fabric allows you to map out how the room with a look and makes sure all the items work well together.

Think Holistically

Approaching your decor holistically enables you to look at the space as a whole and consider what the best solutions are for you and how you wish to use that specific living space.

For instance, if you are decorating your bedroom, which usually isn’t a multi-use space you may wish to consider what you want in that room. As you’ll be using the room to sleep in it may be best to make that particular room feel as calm as possible. You can do this by not over cluttering the space, and keeping cluttered areas like clothes hanging behind closed doors. Or keeping your furniture and finishes to a minimum.

Colour Considerations

Another way to make the room calm is by choosing a paint colour which invokes those feelings. Dulux, for instance, suggests muted earthy tones in their inspiration gallery, and pastel colours which are easy on those sleepy eyes. Houzz suggests soft blues and their examples show ways textiles can add to that calm feeling. Using matching fabrics for curtains and bed furnishings not only tie the room together but also aren’t jarring on the eyes. The reason being there aren’t too many different sensory stimuli for you to take in.

Nuanced Neutrality

Neutral curtains in a textured fabric that match your decor is another way to complement your decor without taking anything away from the finishing touches, like a statement piece of artwork or table lamp. In some cases matching your curtains to the decor has also been known to make the space look bigger. Along with adding mirrors to create more light in smaller areas.

Layering curtains is also a sleek way to match your decor without overpowering the room. The colours can be simple and neutral on one layer with the other layer being bolder in its pattern or colour. This will add depth and also allow you to choose how much of each layer you want to see at one time.

Finding the Pattern

For more vibrant rooms like your living area you can play around with matching your curtains to key colours of patterns in your decor. If you have a lot of plants in your living area you may want to use that as a signature colour to incorporate into your curtains. Or to go one step further you could create curtains from a plant or leaf pattern to catch your eye and draw you into the room.

A great rule of thumb is to use larger patterns in larger rooms to prevent the intricacies of the prints from being lost. Alternatively, for smaller rooms, go for a more detailed pattern to add depth to your window furnishings.

Matching in this instance can also mean complimenting, you can use bolder statements in your decor by using complementary colours when purchasing curtains or drapes for your home. For example, if you have light blue walls a bolder colour combination could be orange curtains, the level of vibrancy can be based on your own personal tastes.

An easy and quick way to explore complimentary colours is to use this online colour wheel. It is really great if you have curtains or fabric in mind, and you want to explore the type of colour for painting the walls, as it will give you the specific colour information to be able to take into a paint shop to make the exact colour you desire.

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