Why Holiday Cottages Are Better Than Hotels

Whenever you go on a vacation there are many options that can be chosen for the living. 2 main options are that of choosing the hotel or a cottage. It is however said that cottages are a good option as compared to hotels. Following are some of the reasons as for why holiday cottages should be preferred over hotels.

More Space in Cottages with Less Spending

Vacation homes for holiday cottages on average give more space in the form of extra square feet as compared to hotels. An average space is 1,300 sq. ft. where you can relax, stretch out, relax, unwind as well as enjoy to your fullest. In comparison with these cottages, hotels are not favourable as space provided is limited to only 325 sq. ft. Money is the most important factor to consider when it comes to vacations. Preferably cottages are more affordable. For example destination Maui, where there are both cottages and hotels. The average rate for per night stay in Hawaiian hotel room paradise is about $270 exclusive of taxes. Considering the expense for vacation homes on the island, visitors` expense can be limited to $346.3. This seems to be more than the hotel but the fact is that it will come with extra space. Also, there would be facilities like 3 times meal as well as fully equipped kitchen facility provides better value for the money spent.

Schedule Free

Staying in a hotel is a routine thing and you must get bored when required to follow its schedule for meals, fitness facilities, housekeeping and other things. On vacations, one wants to be free and not bound to some schedule. After all, vacations are ways to get a relief from busy life. So for this holiday cottages are best. You can do it as per your choices. You can sleep, wake up, go out, come in and do anything you want. You can set your own meal schedule and if you don’t want you can avoid it at all.

Clear Cost Details

Another important thing about holiday cottages is that there are no hidden expenses to be paid and the cost says all clear. While booking the vacation home, you are making direct dealings with the homeowners. This means you are very well aware of the exact charges and other facilities. You will know what will be included in your stay & exactly what will be the cost. Living in the holiday cottages, you will ab able to avoid expenses for parking, bottled water, pool towels, and internet etc.

Comfort Like Home

Majority of hotels are not good space for families with kids. Kids get bored and want free space. For accommodating your entire family in a hotel will lead to your increased budget. Living in holiday cottages will lower this expense as there is more space to accommodate entire family by spending single amount.

Enjoying and travelling with a limited budget is the main concern while going for a trip or family or friends vacations. This purpose can be fulfilled by choosing holiday cottages.

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