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Have you ever found yourself wondering about the number of Oreos in a pack? Whether you’re a casual snacker or an Oreo enthusiast it’s always helpful to know how many delicious cookies you can expect when opening a pack.

In this article we’ll delve into the various Oreo pack sizes explore some interesting facts and provide you with all the information you need about the quantity of Oreos in each pack.

How Many Oreos Are in a Pack

A standard pack of original Oreos contains 36 cookies while a family-size pack contains 48 cookies. Other varieties of Oreos such as Double Stuf or Thins may have different numbers of cookies per pack.

About Oreos

Oreos the iconic sandwich cookies have been tantalizing taste buds since their introduction in 1912. They have become a household name and continue to be adored by people of all ages. One of the common questions that Oreo lovers often have is the number of cookies they can enjoy in each pack.

History and Popularity of Oreos

Before we dive into the specifics of Oreo pack sizes let’s take a brief look at the history and popularity of these delectable treats. The Oreo brand is owned by Nabisco which stands for the National Biscuit Company. Since its inception, Oreos have gained immense popularity across the globe due to their unique flavor combination of chocolate wafers and creamy filling.

Varieties of Oreo Packs

Oreo offers a wide range of pack sizes to cater to different preferences and occasions. Let’s explore the various types of Oreo packs you can find on store shelves.

Oreo Standard Pack Size

Oreo Standard Pack Size

The standard pack size of Oreos is the most common and widely available. Typically you’ll find around 36 cookies in a standard Oreo pack. These packs are perfect for personal consumption or sharing with friends and family.

Oreo Mini Packs

Oreo Mini Packs

For those who prefer smaller portions, Oreo Mini packs are a great choice. These mini packs usually contain around 6 to 8 bite-sized Oreos. They are convenient for snacking on the go or satisfying your Oreo cravings in moderation.

Oreo Family Packs

Oreo Family Packs

If you’re looking to stock up on Oreos for the whole family Oreo Family packs come to the rescue. These packs contain a higher quantity of cookies often around 48 to 60 providing enough treats to keep everyone happy.

Oreo Party Packs

Oreo Party Packs

Planning a party or gathering? Oreo Party packs are designed to accommodate larger groups. With approximately 72 to 90 cookies in each pack, you can ensure that there are plenty of Oreos to go around and satisfy the cravings of all your guests.

Oreo Limited Edition Packs

Limited Edition Packs

From time to time Oreo introduces limited edition packs featuring special flavors or designs. The quantity of Oreos in these packs may vary so keep an eye out for these exciting releases to discover unique taste experiences.

Oreo Pack Sizes around the World

It’s worth noting that Oreo pack sizes can vary from country to country. While the standard pack size is prevalent in most places it’s always interesting to explore the local variations when traveling or encountering imported Oreos.

Oreo Thins Packs

Oreo Thins Packs

For those who prefer a lighter Oreo experience, Oreo Thins packs are a delightful option. These packs typically contain more cookies than the standard pack size with approximately 40 to 48 thinner cookies to savor.

Oreo Double Stuf Packs

Oreo Double Stuf Packs

Double the cream double the fun! Oreo Double Stuf packs are a dream come true for those who enjoy the creamy filling. These packs contain a slightly lower quantity of cookies usually ranging from 24 to 30 but the generous amount of filling makes up for it.

Oreo Mega Stuf Packs

Oreo Mega Stuf Packs

If you’re a true Oreo enthusiast and can’t get enough of the creamy goodness Oreo Mega Stuf packs are the ultimate indulgence. With around 18 to 20 cookies per pack, these Oreos are generously filled to satisfy your cravings for that extra creaminess.

Oreo Most Stuf Packs

Oreo Most Stuf Packs

Are you ready for the maximum Oreo cream experience? Look no further than Oreo Most Stuf packs. These limited edition packs feature an extraordinary amount of creamy filling making them a must-try for all Oreo lovers. Each pack usually contains around 8 to 10 cookies.

Fun Facts about Oreo Pack Sizes

Did you know that the number of Oreos in a pack has evolved over time? In the early years, a pack of Oreos contained only 12 cookies. As the demand and popularity grew Nabisco gradually increased the pack size to the current standard of approximately 36 cookies.

  • The iconic Oreo slogan “Twist Lick Dunk” originated in the 1990s and has since become synonymous with enjoying these scrumptious cookies. So go ahead unleash your inner child and savor the Oreo ritual!
  • Oreo packs come in resealable packaging allowing you to enjoy the cookies at your own pace and maintain their freshness for longer.


We have learned that there is no definitive answer to how many Oreos are in a pack. The number of cookies varies depending on the size, shape, and flavor of the pack. However, we can estimate that an average pack of regular Oreos contains about 36 cookies while a family-size pack contains about 48 cookies. We hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned something new about one of the most popular snacks in the world.


Are there any Oreo packs with fewer than 6 cookies?

No Oreo packs usually contain at least 6 cookies with the mini packs being the smallest option available.

Can I find Oreo packs with more than 90 cookies?

While the standard Oreo packs generally have up to 90 cookies some limited edition or special packs may contain a higher quantity.

Do Oreo pack sizes differ between countries?

Yes, Oreo pack sizes can vary from country to country so it’s always interesting to explore local variations when traveling or encountering imported Oreos.

Can I freeze Oreo packs for later consumption?

Yes, you can freeze unopened Oreo packs to extend their shelf life. Ensure proper packaging and thaw them at room temperature before enjoying them.

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