How Social Media Contributes to SEO Rankings

The question on many content creators lips is “doe’s social media contribute to SEO rankings?” The answer is yes it does contribute but not in the way you think.

Search engines like Google use algorithms to rank web pages. These algorithms keep changing and are kept a secret.

This does not mean you cannot leverage social media to boost your search engine rankings. This article explores ways to do this.

Content promotion

Once you have created an SEO optimized blog posts, you will need to popularize, and social media offers the means to do this. Social media will increase your bounce rate and drive traffic to your website. Search engines will measure the amount of engagement your content is having with readers. The goal for brands is to create the best content that is worth sharing.

Brand visibility

The more you create stellar content, the more readers visit your page. Search engines notice the traffic that is going to your social media pages, and this helps you rank above your competitors. People are increasingly searching for products online. Google has become a favorite for e-commerce searches. Producing high-quality posts will lead to more brand searches. Get an auto comment for Instagram so that you do not miss out on any referral customers.

Be engaging in social media

While you will not rank higher on search engines based on the number of likes that you have, social media engagement contributes to SEO rankings. The algorithms used for ranking will go through your posts and discover that there is activity on your page. Your top engaging topics will often rank on search engines. Social media engagement is also an opportunity to promote your brand. As readers visit your page, you can respond to queries with links to your website. This increased traffic is good for SEO rankings. Ensure that your brand is in consumers’ minds at all times.

Link building

To be an authority online, you need many external links linking your content. One way to do this is by using digital influencers. These are people who have a large following online and who can help get your message across to their followers. The more people follow external links to your site the higher your rankings on search engines. To enhance your link building always ensure that you focus on producing high-quality content that is worth sharing.

Local SEO

Local people mostly use their mobile phones to find businesses near them. If you have a bakery the easiest way for people to interact with your products is through social media. The more people are talking about your products online, the more you will rank on SERPs. To maximize on this opportunity ensure that your contact details are the same across all platforms.

Social media profiles rank on search results

It is not webpages only that appear on SERPs but also social media profiles. For many brand names, you will find their Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook profiles appearing on SERPs. This is why it is very important that you take the time to fill out your social media profiles. Include a short bio of your company and links to your website. Google+ has often been ignored, but you can leverage it to rank higher on search engines. Keep your profile up to date.

Social media is a search engine itself

Often you will find people searching for stuff online within the social media. If you are using Facebook or Twitter more often than not you will search for other brands to follow within the media instead of closing the platform and using Google. This necessitates a paradigm shift amongst marketing executives to consider social media as part of search engines. The most significant problem with this is that there are many duplicate accounts online and consumers can be confused on which to follow. You may need to delete or report duplicate accounts and inform the users that a particular social media account is legit.

Authoritative social media content

There are industry leaders who have amazed a following online because people consider them as authoritative in their respective niche. Anytime there is something that affects their niche people will troll their social media pages for the latest news. Search engines detect this and rank their pages higher so that people can find what they are looking for easier. If you want to rank higher offer informative content concerning your niche. This could be traveling or food. As you grow a list of faithful followers search engines will reward you with higher rankings.

While there is no authoritative claim by search engines that social media contributes to search engine rankings, this does not mean that you should ignore them. The increased traffic offered by social media is good for your business – if you can convert it. Having CTAs and offering giveaways contributes to locking in incoming traffic.

Many people focus their search results to Google. However, Bing is the second largest search engine,and their policy on social media contribution to search results has not changed. They will often consider the number of people you are following and those following you back in their SERPs. Companies need to have a policy in place to include Bing in their social media marketing campaigns.


What started out as a medium for people to share photos and communicate with lost college colleagues has become one of the biggest marketing platforms online. Social media should not be ignored by anyone who wants to have a competitive edge. It is not all about likes and shares. Companies need to come up with robust marketing strategies if they are to stay ahead. The debate is still on concerning the contribution of social media to search engine rankings. Companies that focus on offering informative, high-quality content will see their posts ranking higher on search engines. Ensure that all your contact information matches across all your social media platforms. Many tend to ignore the profiles, yet they often rank on SERPs for various brands. Brands that have taken the right steps to create amazing content online are often rewarded with conversions.

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