How to Keep Your Business Safe in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Don’t let myths about the coronavirus fool you!

Did you know some people wrongly believe you can cure yourself of the coronavirus by eating garlic? Or how about how there’s a false rumor going around that extreme cold or hot weather can kill the virus?

The truth is, scientists are still looking for ways to prevent and treat the virus. However, there are still things you can do to keep your business safe.

Read on to learn the truth about how to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Examine Company Policies

The first step for safely surviving the coronavirus pandemic is to examine your company’s policies. Make sure each policy works under new coronavirus updates as the pandemic progresses.

Here are a few of the policies you should review:

  • Leave policies
  • Continuity plans
  • Emergency communications

Your leave policies need to be flexible so employees who are sick will feel comfortable calling out of work. Next, review your continuity plan for handling things like a disruption in supplies.

Finally, make a list of all your key contacts. Make sure you have an emergency plan for communicating with these contacts so you can keep them up to date on the status of your business.

Temperature Checks and Team Members

Even if you’re not legally required to do temperature checks, screening employees and visitors can be a great way to keep everyone safe. If you have a trained medical professional on-site, they should be the ones administering the temperature checks. You can also make things easier by using this elevated body temperature app.

Cleaning the Workplace

Moving on, make sure you’re keeping the workplace clean by the guidelines set forth by the CDC. Here are a few of the areas you should focus your cleaning efforts on:

  • Community spaces
  • Electronic equipment
  • Bathrooms

Personal protection equipment is crucial when cleaning. Whoever’s performing the cleaning should wear disposable gloves, and they should throw away the gloves when they’re done. Employers should also talk with their employees about the new cleaning standards to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Protect Clients and Visitors

Do you have a business space customers and visitors will be coming to? Put up signs encouraging all visitors to use hand sanitizer before entering the facility.

If your clients will have children with them, kindly remind them to observe proper social distancing guidelines. It’s also helpful if you start using an appointment only system. By only allowing visitors with appointments to visit your workplace, you’ll reduce the risks of overcrowding.

Overcoming the Coronavirus Pandemic

Now you know a few of the top tips to protect your company amid the coronavirus pandemic. What’s the first thing you’ll do to keep your business safe?

Will you be implementing new, vigorous cleaning standards that comply with CDC guidelines? Or are you going to start using an appointment-only policy to adhere to social distancing?

When we all work together, overcoming the global pandemic of coronavirus becomes easier than ever before. For more ways to stay safe, go ahead and check out the rest of this site!

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