How To Sell Broken iPhones Online For Cash?

Is it true that you have a broken iPhone and want to get rid of it? Fret not, as it is common for people to have a cracked screen or damaged body with iPhones. Since iPhone has a delicate finish, a small accident is more than enough to get the handset damaged. The display might develop a crack as soon as you drop the device. Water damage can be another problem as your handset might stop working completely. There can be various possible ways through which an iPhone can get damaged.In this article, you will understand how you can sell broken iPhones onlineat rapidphonebuyer.co.uk for cash.

Resale value of old iPhone

You will have to compare various offers to identify the best resale price for your broken iPhone. The resale value for your broken iPhone will depend on several factors like the model and condition. You can visit the websites of various buyers and recyclers online to get a free quote. It is advisable to add all the details accurately to get a precise value for your iPhone.

What about broken handsets?

If your iPhone has got damaged or broken, do not worry. Most mobile phone buying and recycling companies will accept it. Issues like dents and broken screen do not matter. The resale value for these broken devices will not be same as working ones. In fact, it will be much on the lower side. However, you can still sell them and expect some cash in return.

It is better to remain transparent about the condition of your handset, which will also help you receive accurate quotes. If the buyer finds the condition is not what you had advertised for, they will offer a revised price. You can accept or decline the quote. If you decline it, you can request them to ship back the handset to you. Most of them will do it free of cost. However. It is advisable to check their terms and conditions upfront to avoid issues later.

Are buyback programs good?

They can be a better alternative to sell your iPhone. There is no need for putting any ads online, dealing with buyers or recyclers, or pay for delivery charges. A buyback program is simple and advantageous.

Things to keep in mind

Here are some essential points to keep in mind when you sell a broken iPhone.

  • You will have to disable the password when you add the handset to the packaging. It is also best to make a note of it and add to the packaging for the buyer.
  • Deactivate the handset from the iCloud account.
  • You will then have to restore the handset to factory settings.
  • Next, you can make note of the IMEI number of your handset.
  • Make sure there are no service plan active on your device. Confirm with your carrier once regarding the status of your subscriptions.

Where to sell your broken iPhone

You can get the free quotes for your broken iPhone as the first step towards selling it. There will be several options and you will have to choose the right one that match the state of your handset.When you are happy with the offer price, you can confirm the deal and request the buyer to provide the packaging,

Once the buyer sends you the packaging, you can then pack the handset and add accessories to it if you want to. You will get the confirmation when the buyer receives the package. In the meantime, you can even track the status of the package. Once the buyer inspects your handset, they will send you the money. It might take a few days for the money to get transferred to your account.

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