How To Find & Choose The Perfect Types of Journaling

Want to start a journal but don’t know where to begin? Due to various types of journaling, it can be difficult to understand which one to pick. However, different journals are unique in their way. Depending on your lifestyle and goals, you can easily choose one form of journaling to begin with.

Choosing a journal also depends on how often you can write. No matter what type of journaling you choose, it’s a great way to process your thoughts, experience self-discovery, and track your habits. Hence, you can easily attain both short and long-term goals over time.

Different types of Journaling

Here are some common yet effective types of journaling to help you keep track of different aspects of your life:

1. Bullet Journaling

This is one of the common forms of journaling. It includes forming small dots in a grid format on different pages. Therefore, it gets the name – Bullet Journal. What makes this journal stand apart is that you make an index, in the beginning, to ensure everything is well-arranged. You even need to number various pages.

While the bullet journals offer flexibility to the users, these are highly organized. You can divide them into different sections to plan them by day, week, or month. After that, you can use it for writing your objectives, self-reflection, drawing, free writing, or gratitude. Plus, how you wish to arrange is totally up to you.

2. Planner Journaling

This is a planned way of journaling. You can use it for documenting your daily, weekly, or monthly plans. To begin with, you need to maintain the date of journal writing, special appointments, or special achievements. Using this journal, you can focus more on organizing and planning your upcoming event or project in a better way.

3. Free Writing or Reflective Journaling

This form of journal writing lets you write as much or as little as you want. In this, you start writing anything that comes to your mind. It is more of an instinctive and quick type of journal writing than other types of journaling.

In the beginning, you have prompts for thinking about what to record. However, some people prefer this style of journaling, as it helps them to document their daily thought process whenever they want. So, whenever you have anything specific in mind, just pick up your pen or open your digital journaling app to write down your thoughts.

4. Gratitude Journaling

While you can add gratitude journaling to your bullet or free writing journal, you can even look for certain dedicated gratitude journals. There are many pretty gratitude journals out there with fancy stickers.

If you wish to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, you need to consider involving yourself in this journal type. It is because this journal comes with prompts for certain things. However, most of them are not dated. So, you can write or draw anything that strikes your mind on a specific day.

5. Minute Journals

The minute journals include a structured length and time of writing. Hence, it can let you form a routine with time. This is a short, time-boxed, everyday journal. You can use a timer for around five minutes or more for writing. And, document everything that you can within this time frame. Even if you wish to write just one line a day for one minute, you can do that. Your journal, your rules!

6. Dream Journal

Another journal type to consider is a dream journal. If you often have vivid dreams or any active thoughts when you’re sleeping, keep recording them on blank journal pages. With a dream journal, you may even spark some amazing creative writing ideas.

This is a fun way of starting a creative journal practice while keeping you motivated over time. Sometimes you only have to put your thoughts on a piece of paper. So, you can recognize certain behaviors, patterns, and possibilities for your personal growth.

Choose a Journaling Type & Get Started

Once you’re aware of the various journaling types and their purpose, you can easily choose one as per your preferences. Just give it a try and with time you’ll understand which type works best for you. No matter which journal type you choose, we’re certain that it will help bring a positive outlook to your life.

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