Have you ever visible a photo lasered onto a bit of wooden in breathtaking detail? How approximately one which didn’t flip out as expected? Wood laser engraving can create stunning outcomes, however, one’s outcomes aren’t guaranteed.

C02 lasers love wooden, however getting the ones stunning outcomes calls for a chunk of know-how. Consider the subsequent suggestions to make sure you get the maximum from your wooden laser cutter.


лазерная гравировка по дереву slicing board with names engraved in cornerstone woods reply to laser slicing and engraving higher than others. Choosing the quality wooden can be primarily based totally upon your cease product goal. Both hardwoods and softwoods have the cap potential to engrave genuinely well, however, selecting a non-porous wooden could be qualified for a 3-D engraving and normally has a higher reduced first-rate.  Some examples of perfect wooden kinds for laser engraving are maple, cherry, birch, and pick white pines.

If you’re searching out a floor etching, selecting a non-porous wooden is not as large as a factor. Getting your preferred appearance can be approximately how the etching seems to the contrasting uncooked fabric and your velocity and electricity mixtures for your laser device.

Another issue to appearance out for in wooden is the knots. Knotted regions are more difficult than knot-unfastened regions. As a result, wooden laser engraving can be inconsistent throughout knotted wooden.

Many of the concerns around wooden attention on its herbal attributes like hardness, grain shape, and knots. But plywood is human-made wooden, and as a result, it responds in another way to laser etching and engraving.


While plywoods and veneers keep definition well, making them superb applicants for floor engravings, they’re now no longer a superb preference for 3-D engraving. Plywoods and different ply made of many layers are complete of glue and air pockets, which get inside the manner of 3-D laser engraving.

When a laser has air in the front of it, that air reasons the beam to expand, inflicting you to lose attention or detail. With hardwood or a stable piece of wood, the beam has a tunneling effect, which lets in the beam to live in attention and outcomes in crisp, easy engravings.

It’s well worth noting that slicing may be a project on plywood also. The glues and chemical substances that pass into the plywood can purpose flames and burning. These issues do not arise with stable portions of wooden, permitting them to reduce plenty nicer. If you’re making plans to reduce plywoods, do it at a quicker velocity to lower burning and decrease the risk of charring.


To get superb outcomes with wooden laser engraving, it’s essential to have a flat, constant floor. Woods ought to be planed down properly, in any other case they may now no longer engrave nicely.


If you begin with a poor-first-rate photo, you’re now no longer going to get a great engraving. Anything blurry or pixelated won’t go away with a sharp, certain laser engraving. In addition to photo first-rate, it’s quality to pick pictures with a whole lot of assessment. If a photo is dark, the satisfactory information will possibly get lost. The contrast goes to assist the laser to create greater detail. Using an image-enhancing software program to govern the assessment helps.

Getting the maximum out of a C02 laser whilst slicing, etching, and engraving wooden aren’t difficult, however like anything, it does require a little effort. We offer in-residence schooling for all laser device purchases. During schooling, clients are given treasured statistics and schooling approximately the way to supply precision with each application.

Syed Ahsan Raza
Syed Ahsan Raza
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