12 Promotional Products to Advertise Your Business

You already know that giving away branded merchandise is one of the most effective ways to market your business. The only catch is that you need to choose the right promotional products for your campaign. Items that are not only popular, but which also stand to leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Speaking with Rory from Promotions Warehouse, we have chosen the best 12 promotional products to advertise your business:

Sports Bottles

Custom branded sports bottles will showcase your business as a responsible entity that supports key initiatives. They’ll allow your customers stay hydrated without having to rely on single-use bottles. This will promote sustainability while generating lasting awareness for your brand. And of course, sports bottles can be carried everywhere; home, school, workplace, gym etc. Your brand will get exposed to a new audience with every outing.

Power Banks

It might sound like a stretch to say you have the chance to showcase your brand every time someone needs to charge their phone. But branded power banks provide just this kind of opportunity. Your customers will greatly appreciate the convenience, and their acquaintances will take note of how caring you are.


So simple, so old-school, and yet it’s managed to stick around an increasingly hi-tech world… The pen just isn’t going anywhere. From filling puzzles to noting down stuff and signing documents, pens have a great many uses in everyday life.

And it’s not just utility that makes branded pens a great piece of promotional merchandise. They’re adaptable for just about any context or occasion. They also get passed around quite often, which works to amplify brand exposure. Did we mention that they’re pretty cheap?

Printed Mouse Mats

Modern computers don’t really need to have their mice sitting on pads. But mouse pads are still certain to be of use on and around the desktop — whether or not one uses a separate mouse. Printed mouse mats are especially well-suited for B2B campaigns. With your logo emblazoned on top, your brand will be assured of visibility and significance throughout the course of every working day.

Face Masks

Make your prospects feel at home in our “new normal” by giving them branded reusable face masks. You’ll be striking two birds with one stone, advertising your business while simultaneously helping curb the scourge. And of course, there’s no better way to show that you’re keeping up with the times.


Who can turn down a free set of headphones? Besides letting you listen to music anywhere; headphones can prove quite handy when you’re in a noisy environment. Slap your logo on the set and you literally have the ear of your targets. Headphones also provide the option to run a mail giveaway campaign — almost as easily as you can hand them out in person — thanks to their small size.

Diaries and Calendars

Even with our highly capable smart devices, we still need calendars and diaries to keep us on top of things. Why not take advantage of this to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your audience? Promotional calendars and diaries will get the job done with ease. Be sure to include reminders explaining why your organization is indispensable — have one for every month of the year at the very least.

Tote Bags

No need to describe how useful these can be to your customers. With your logo prominently displayed on the sides, tote bag basically acts as moving billboards. Ones that will frequently appear in public settings and, if sturdily designed, can have lots of staying power. Such bags will provide yet another opportunity to add an eco-friendly edge to your brand.

Candy Bars and Snacks

They might not have much in way of staying power, but branded snacks and candy bars still have the potential to make a lasting impression. More so if you dish them out at the right time and place. That could be your industry’s annual trade fair, or the promotional events your company holds every now and then. Whatever the occasion, branded goodies will help you get to people’s hearts and minds through their stomachs.


Much like pens, mugs never seem to lose their appeal as far as promotions go. They’re still one of the most effective ways to capitalize on the everyday needs of your target audience. You also have a wide array of options, from the good old ceramic mugs to their insulated travel-style counterparts. Whatever you choose, mugs will keep your brand on your customers’ minds whenever they have their favorite beverage within reach.

Phone Grips

Pop sockets, ring holders, lanyards, and phone wallets all fit within the broad category of phone grips. Their purpose is to provide a more secure grip for one’s phone — something that’s becoming increasingly elusive as smartphones grow larger, sleeker and more unwieldy in general. So, to say the least, your targets will be very pleased by your thoughtfulness. And because people take their phones with them everywhere, your brand benefits from widespread exposure.


Like you can’t have a proper Thanksgiving without a turkey, this list wouldn’t be complete without clothing. The reason is rather simple: Consumers love branded apparel. With t-shirts in particular, 60% of your recipients are likely to keep theirs for more than a year.

Other articles of clothing can be just as effective, so there’s nothing to keep you from handing out jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, and so on. Between screen printing and embroidery, you’ll be able to find a way to make the items resonate with campaign and overall brand messaging.

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