3 Reasons for You to Consider Buying a Beachfront Condo for Sale in Pattaya

Despite it being a sign of poor economic times, the number of beachfront condos for sale in Pattaya is kind of like a dream-come-true for interested buyers. Some of the most coveted property in all of Thailand has popped up on the market as owners are looking to offload assets for immediate returns, and it has landed on the market with incredible value.

If the concept of owning premier property isn’t enough to persuade you to explore the market further, we’ve compiled 3 reasons for you to take advantage of all the excellent beachfront condos for sale in Pattaya. It has never been a better time to buy!

Proximity to Pattaya

Most beachfront condos for sale in Pattaya are actually located just south in Jomtien. This stretch of picturesque beach is just minutes away from downtown Pattaya. Having immediate access to some of the most vibrant nightlife and best seafood restaurants in Thailand has been an attractive pull to many property owners in Jomtien. Expats will also appreciate Pattaya for its international supermarkets, world-class fitness facilities, and a large community of fellow expats.

Though close in location, Jomtien is separated from Pattaya in both environment and culture; there is no traffic or street noise or entertainment centers in Jomtien’s beachfront. This gives Jomtien a unique advantage of being close to Pattaya and the modern conveniences without being in Pattaya.

Good investment / income

With the property market so strong for buyers, beachfront condos for sale in Pattaya are a great short and long-term investment option. In the short-term, there are plenty of renters looking for weekend getaways or yearly contracts, as Pattaya and Jomtien are extremely popular for domestic tourism.  And, in today’s climate where working remotely is accepted by most companies, beachfront condos are in high demand.

In the long-term, the property market is going to rebound and grow stronger for sellers, so buying a property now has low risk and high reward. As an investment piece, owners can get monthly income from rentals until they decide to sell, at which point the value will have increased significantly. This practice has been prevalent in Thailand for decades, particularly with high-rises in Bangkok.


Beachfront condos for sale in Pattaya are typically in premium developments that have onsite facilities such as swimming pools, entertainment zones, and private beach access. You get the feeling of living in a private resort while also being snug at home.

Those with families appreciate the location for its proximity to top international schools and famous amusement parks. Having the beach at your doorstep also means that you don’t have to travel for a beach getaway!

The real cherry-on-top for condo ownership in Pattaya is the majestic sunset that disappears into the Gulf of Thailand. In addition to all the great benefits of owning a home in such a beautiful location, ending each day with the smattered colors of a Pattaya sunset out your bay window is, frankly, just too good to pass up.

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