4 Medical Devices That Are Changing the Game in 2020

Technology has led to advancements to make medical treatment more accessible, efficient, and personalized. While technologies like robots won’t likely replace doctors anytime soon, they’ve helped both with medical device manufacturing and innovative treatment options.

The world has seen plenty of changes in 2020. At the same time, plenty of medical innovations have happened in the background. These range from new ways to diagnose patients from far away to treating serious conditions less invasively.

Take a look at four medical devices shaping the healthcare industry this year.

  1. MedWand for Remote Exams

As demand for virtual doctor visits has grown this year, doctors have had to find ways to make it work better. After all, it’s hard to physically check patients when you just see them through a screen.

A medical device called MedWand has offered a potential solution for video visits.

Following the doctor’s instructions, the patient plugs the device into their computer and runs the wand over their body to get vital signs. This allows for a more comprehensive virtual exam.

  1. Clarity Face Mask for Easier Communication

Many people wear face masks across the country these days for safety. However, having one’s face covered has led to some challenges when it comes to communication.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has come up with a medical device called Clarity that can help.

You can see through this flexible mask and watch a person’s facial expressions. It especially helps children with conditions like cognitive disabilities or deafness.

  1. AXIOS Stent for Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis can cause severe pain and an upset stomach that sends patients rushing to the emergency room. While doctors can treat the condition, complications happen often unfortunately.

Thanks to this tool from Boston Scientific, doctors can handle those complications more easily.

Using an endoscopic technique, the device allows for the easy draining of fluids from the digestive system. Rather than going through hours of surgery, patients can get treated in as little as 20 minutes with this medical device.

  1. HeartLogic for Heart Failure

Caused when the heart just can’t work well enough to move blood throughout the body, heart failure can be tricky to diagnose. After all, the condition can come with vague symptoms that blood tests, x-rays, and numerous scans can’t detect right away.

The diagnostic medical device named HeartLogic has changed the game when it comes to watching the progression of the disease.

This device uses sensor technology to watch for physiological changes that can warn the condition has worsened. See this article to learn how devices like this impact the medical device manufacturing industry.

Watch for More Innovative Medical Devices

You’ve seen how these innovative medical devices have helped patients and doctors alike. However, you can look forward to much more in the future.

For example, medical devices could print artificial tissues to make organs and even change how the brain works. Even simple procedures like blood draws will improve with devices that make the process more comfortable.

Be sure to see our other health posts to keep up with advancements in the medical industry!

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