4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Coils Are Freezing Up

Are you seeing the coils in your air conditioner freezing up? If so, you must quickly tend to it before it escalates into a major issue and starts affecting the entire unit. But to stop your coils from freezing, you need to know why they freeze up in the first place. Below, we took a look at four reasons that can cause the AC coils to become frozen.

Refrigerant Problems

When the refrigerant in your AC unit diminishes, the moisture from the air will collect on the coils and turn into ice. One main reason for refrigerant depletion is leakage. So, if you find any refrigerant leaks, then you should ideally call in a good air conditioning repair service.  This is because the refrigerant is a toxic substance, which can turn out to be quite harmful in case you try to handle them by yourself. As such, this is an issue that is best left to professionals. But if you do not find any refrigerant leaks, try to melt off the ice by switching off your AC. This may take a few hours. And if the problem reappears again, then other factors may be involved in freezing up the coils.

Dirty Filters

Another major reason why the AC coils get frozen is the dirty air filter in the unit. These filters will accumulate dust and other dirt over time and will restrict the proper airflow within the air conditioner. So, switch off the AC and check the air filter. If it is dirty and replaceable, then replace it. And if it is a reusable filter, then remove it, clean it thoroughly and reinsert it.  Regularly changing or cleaning the filter is a good habit, not just to avoid the coils from freezing up, but to ensure that there is proper airflow in the unit at all times.

Thermostat Malfunctioning

A thermostat is the component of the AC unit which checks the temperature of the room regularly and directs the air conditioner as to how much cooling is required. A malfunctioning thermostat might record incorrect room temperatures or control the AC incorrectly. And in both these conditions, the air conditioner can end up overworking itself, freezing the coils in the process. So, check the thermostat to see if it is working properly and measuring the room temperature accurately.

Fan Issues

The fan is responsible for circulating air through the AC unit. If the fan is broken or stops working due to any faulty connections, it will eventually affect the air circulation inside the unit. And this can subsequently cause ice to build up on the evaporator coils. So, switch on the AC and check if there is air coming out from it. If not, then there is certainly an issue with the fan, and this might be the reason for the frozen coils.

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