5 Best Souvenirs to Take Home from Tahiti

Tahiti is a very popular place to visit and a lot of people love spending their vacations there. But as you know, all good things eventually come to an end so your visit to Tahiti will end as well. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to acquire some items and take them back home with you. It can be a gift or anything that you liked in Tahiti. Here are some tips on what you could bring back home to Tahiti.

Black pearls

Taking black pearls home from Tahiti actually makes a lot of sense. These are beautiful things to get back home and the great thing is that they vary in shape, colors and the overall size too. Since you can find natural pearls here, it does make a lot of sense to check them out and maybe even buy some for your friends at home too. They are visually stunning and all of them look amazing, which is exactly what you want.

Wood carvings

Sculptures and wood carvings, in general, are a national treasure for Tahiti. The carvings here are amazing and they are also showing great signs of culture too. It really helps a lot and it totally brings in front some rather impressive and visually distinctive features. Plus, there are multiple beautiful designs you can choose from.


People in Tahiti are also known for their great sense of fashion and art. Bringing back home some art pieces is actually quite normal here and you will cherish these amazing pieces quite a lot. People tend to love these because they look astonishing and art pieces in Tahiti are not that expensive. That makes them the best gift and a wonderful insight into their culture.

Tahitian Pareos

The pareos are beautiful pieces of clothing which are rather regional, so you can’t really find them everywhere in the world. They are beach wraps basically, and they look very nice. The best thing about Tahitian pareos is that they come with a ton of different colors, so you will have no problem finding a color that you like a lot here.


Tahiti is known for the fact that grows natural vanilla. This is a great spice that you can use back home. It will remind you of a great time in Tahiti and it’s just a very rewarding way for you to re-live the moments you had during the vacation.

There are lots of great things to bring back from Tahiti, all you have to do is to figure out what you like the most. It’s a wonderful idea to bring in at least a few of these, as that’s how you will be able to obtain the best results. Take your time and choose only those items that you really want to have or use at home. Thankfully there’s no shortage of items to buy in Tahiti, but you have to be picky and choose what you find interesting or distinctive for this region!

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